Grendel’s mom got down at the Folio release party last Friday at the Alphonse Berber Gallery. The inaugural issue, a publication of the UC Berkeley English Undergraduate Association, features 5 academic papers 4-8 pages in length.

For those who missed the big red wheelbarrow, here’s what went down:

There was booze and flighty young Truman Capotes fawning over fledgling Kerouacs, Raymond Carvers sneaking up behind us with a blindfold, read more »

pulp art lolz

Against the tide of ironic mustachery, the Oscars, Irish drinking holidays and college basketball madness, the UC Berkeley art community attempts to wedge itself a slice of March. Of course, we support this and suggest that you check out this and next week’s happenings. At least one of them, we’re pretty sure, has free booze going for it. read more »