Our campus’ beloved and often crowded Golden Bear Café, never actually referred to as anything but the GBC, is cracking down on all possible looters. Thinking of running in to grab a few napkins and a fork to eat the lunch you brought from home? Think again. To get access to these coveted items, you now have to have purchased something. Never mind the fact you probably ate there every day when you had meal points, you can’t take anything now if you don’t keep buying stuff.

GBC Sign

One unlucky ‘customer’ got caught in a fib earlier this semester. Upon entering the esteemed establishments for a spoon, he was asked if he bought anything. The poor fellow began stuttering out a desperate claim that he’d bought some chips or other small snack earlier. Of course, this simply wouldn’t cut it for the GBC employee. They needed a receipt to irrefutably prove his honor. We’re pretty sure he just grabbed a spoon and dashed out as quickly as he could, but there’s a lesson to be learned here: If you’re going to steal from them, at least try to be sneaky about it. Either that or steal someone’s receipt first.

GBC Stuff

Just kidding. We wouldn’t condone theft. A perfectly condonable option is to buy something small from the café if you intend on using their utensils or condiments. If you aren’t willing to do that you’ll either have to bring stuff from home or ask a friend buying from the GBC to get you whatever you need.

Moral of the story? Theft is apparently a definite no-no, even if it is just paper or ketchup.

Image source: Erum Khan, Daily Cal

268149161_b370a426ed_oIt’s time to ‘fess up, guys. No one actually checks their Facebook invites anymore, do they? We see the notification, get a little bit giddy, and then frown just a little bit when we realize it’s not a “like” on that latest photo we posted of our breakfast cereal a la almond milk and banana slices.

However, sometimes it could just do some good to check the event invites more closely, even if we have to wade through the multiple club meetings and sponsorship spams. In fact, there may be hidden gems such as the Willard Park Clothing Swap buried deep beneath all those frat parties and grilled cheese sales.

Hosted by Ruby Lee and friends TODAY from 5 p.m. to 8p.m. at Willard Park (snuggled in between Regent Avenue, Hillegass Avenue, and Dana Street), the clothing swap is meant to channel the free piles at the co-ops.

Essentially, you just bring a bunch of clothes that you don’t want, have been trying to donate, planned on burning anyway, etc. and let people take what they feel like. The trade-off is that you get to browse other people’s free piles and grab what you want, too! For goods that are more expensive, one-on-one trades are allowed and even encouraged. read more »

Okay, maybe not galore … but many a free things can be yours if you look carefully enough!

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Welcome back!

Ready for a new year of protests, exams, parties, adventures, what have you? Of course not, you’ll just be studying all day and night, right? Right.

2011 might have been a hectic year for you (especially you, freshmen), but 2012 gives us the excuse to turn a new leaf and begin the spring semester with a fresh mind. read more »

NakedNo, not that kind of naked! Naked as in the juice!

There’s a big ol’ canopy pitched on Upper Sproul Plaza (next to Sather Gate, you can’t miss it) and passersby can stop and taste a free sample of their popular flavors!

You all know how much we Cloggers love free food, and this little surprise definitely made walking to class a whole lot sweeter. We had a sip of our personal favorite, read more »


If you’ve recently strolled down Sather Lane, you may have noticed something shiny and new. Ten Past Now, whose window displays a large stuffed bear riding a bicycle and what looks like a simple boutique with open space. The Clog decided to check this place out. It was past 10 a.m., but the doors were locked. A nice man hurried from the back and signaled, “We open at 11.”

When we returned, we were greeted by three smiling faces and an array of bags and accessories. read more »

out sick“The UC Berkeley campus community is experiencing an outbreak of mumps.”

The sentence with which Associate Vice Chancellor Ron Coley started his campus-wide email was one that we Cloggers never expected to read. So when we checked our inboxes last night and found that, our first reaction was a hearty, “For reals?” followed almost immediately by an, “oh, sheiiit.”

To prevent mass hysteria (and the spread of the blasted virus itself), the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine will be available to UC Berkeley students at no charge and with no appointment necessary on Thursday, Oct. 6, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Tang Center. (Hooray for free stuff?)

In the meantime, read more »


Doing good’s good for you. That’s what someone told us, anyway, but we didn’t believe it until we saw Peet’s latest online coupon, which says, “Enjoy a free Peet’s beverage when you buy one for a friend.” And because we love free things and you love free things and our mutual unbridled affection for and devotion to free things everywhere unites us in a pact of free-things-sharing, we just thought you should know.

Also, did you know … Peet’s Coffee & Tea‘s very first store opened right here in Berkeley? In fact, that first store is still in operation today, where Walnut and Vine Streets intersect in North Berkeley.

Image source: Ballistik Coffe Boy under Creative Commons

Picture 1

We’re starting to sound like a broken record, what with all of our posts about free stuff and how much we love it, but it seems like our love for bargains trumps just about anything. For reals. When we heard about an opportunity to nab some free ice cream sandwiches earlier in the week, we got so excited that we decided to go straight to the source — the guys behind Munch On Me — to find out what they were all about and why their site was practically throwing free food at us. Not like we’re complaining or anything.

So, for your reading pleasure, we painstakingly transcribed our interview with one of Munch On Me’s co-founders, Jason Wang.

Clog: Let’s start with the basics. Munch On Me has kind of taken off overnight and not a lot of people have heard about it yet. But since Monday or Tuesday it’s made a big splash in Berkeley, so could you tell us a little bit about just what is Munch on Me, and how did you guys get started?

Jason: Sure. Munch On Me is a platform for users to really discover dishes around their neighborhood, and namely in Berkeley, where we target the UC campus, downtown Berkeley, and the Gourmet Ghetto on Northside.

So, we partner with restaurants who want to showcase some of their food and we go in with a photographer to take professional, high-grade photos and a content writer to really write about the food: key ingredients, a review of the dish and about the merchants. read more »

CREAM Ice cream sandwichEveryone and their mother knows that the Clog goes bat-shit crazy for free things. And when those free things happen to be perfectly delicious ice cream sandwiches, well, it’s just plain madness.

While scrounging around on the interwebs for some cheap eats, we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across an opportunity to grab some CREAM fo’ free! The key is to visit Munch On Me, a website that encourages you to “get your nom on.” (Words to live by, fellow foodies, words to live by … )

Since sharing is caring — and since CREAM is so frickin’ delicious — we’re spreading the news. There are only six days left to get in on this action, so go on and treat yourself. After all, everyone needs something to get them through the first full week of classes … we’ll see you in line.

Image Source: rikomatic under Creative Commons
Featured: Ice Cream Sandwich [Munch On Me]

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