So we’re not going to let just Stanfordites claim their love for Scrabulous. In talking about the Facebook application, we at the Clog refuse to deviate from the outlined dialog that surrounds such hipster trends:”We liked it before it was popular.”(i.e. we liked it before Stanford.)We want to say that we liked it even before the people at Facebook declared their love for the game or before the Scrabulous group was formed, but that is a bit more of an exaggeration.But one-upping the “The Unofficial Stanford Blog” is more our thing. When it posted love for the Facebook application, which included this limerick, we had to show them up with a rival post (especially this week):
There is this new game on the Platform,Everyone seems to play– it’s the norm;It is really quite fabulous,And oh so much fun…That wonderful, wonderful game called Scrabulous!

 Is it bad that we like Scrabulous a lot less after reading that poem? Or after they misspelled “addiction” (later correcting it) in the headline of a post on a game focused on spelling? Pshaa, whatever, even if Stanfordites want to encroach on our trendy hipster ways of wasting studying time, we will always be able to find new, hipper ways faster than them.(At another online word game, FreeRice, for every question you get right, 20 grains of rice through United Nations are donated to help end world hunger. Take that Standford! Do you save starving masses in your spare time?)Yet, ultimately we can’t deny our love for Scrabulous. What we really want is a big Scrabulous tournament between Oski and the tree. We guess tomorrow’s game is the next best thing. But for now, we’ll just beat Stanford with our own Scrabulous haiku:

Scrabulous is a’ight
Tomorrow we will triple
Letter score your ass

Image Source: Eli SpiroLatest Addiction to Hit Facebook [The Unofficial Stanford Blog]