Not just giant watermelons, but gargantuan zucchinis and onions and corn! All inedible, sadly, as they were part of the Upper Sproul screening of “Fresh” put on by the lovely folks of the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

One attendee, James Huang, said of the documentary’s take on sustainable agriculture: “It’s like ‘Food, Inc.,’ just less gross,” which roughly translates to “Not as many people would be converted to vegetarianism/veganism by ‘Fresh’ as by ‘Food, Inc.’ but, regardless, down with those evil giant food corporations!” read more »

Apparently, the east coast really is that far away. This week The New Yorker reported on the Fresh-Wheeler tree situation from a more…err…grounded perspective. Focusing on the group of students against Fresh’s tree-sit, the article spanned reactions to the event, including university police chief Victoria Harrison’s e-mail. And then there were some reactions to that.

OK, so let us clarify: Fresh > Students Against Hippies in Trees (which we thought was Students against Hippies in Trees, i.e. “SHIT”) > Harrison’s e-mail > student replies. All artfully done, mind you. This is the New Yorker, a class of writing that will make your bougie panties weep.

We wish we could have seen more replies–after all, Harrison did receive hundreds, according to the article. The New Yorker mentioned a mere pinch: read more »

Fresh, a.k.a. Michael Schuck, came down from his cedar tree today after two groups of students got into a “formal” argument at an event started by “Students Against Hippies in Trees.” Before he could head into the sunset, however, UCPD cited Fresh for trespassing. He now awaits his court date.

It all seemed so perfectly timed considering Fresh had also just written quite an eye-opening op-ed that appeared in the Daily Cal this morning. It was printed alongside a lovely tree illustration and three other opinions that argued about the effectiveness of his protest. Fresh’s perspective, of course, was the most informative–we actually got to read about his many causes in an organized fashion, rather than hear random bursts of “Democratize the regents!” We imagine all readers chimed in for a collective, “Ooh, so that’s what he’s been protesting all this time!”

Perhaps he should have written the op-ed before–instead of partaking in an irritating, confusing and disorganized tree-sit. Then again, we probably wouldn’t have read it.

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Michael Kang, Daily Cal

That’s what Fresh said this morning as more than 300 onlookers watched him continue to resist the orders of the UCPD. The cops attempted to ease him down at around 12 p.m. using a written statement that promised no arrest or identification if he descends from his post. Using ladders and sharp instruments, they also cut away Fresh’s hammock and supplies.

Naturally, he didn’t budge. He didn’t kick his “shitbucket,” either–much to the dismay of the people who skipped class in hopes of seeing drama unfold.

Obviously, the Fresh saga is not over. Based on what we heard today, however, the Clog compiled a short list of things you should say to your closest neighbor if you ever find yourself ogling at the drawn-out treewok spectacle.

  • “Is this where my tax dollars are going?”
  • “SHUT UP!” (Make sure you direct this in the general direction of anyone who expresses support for the sit.)
  • “Where is the accountability!”
  • “If you really support your cause, take off the mask!”
  • “We love you, Fresh!”
  • And if your name is Ayr, a.k.a. Erik Eisenberg, please wear that awesome Wicked t-shirt more often.

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    UC Berkeley treated our resident Cal parakeet, “Fresh,” to quite a spectacle yesterday–and we’re not talking about the performers for Pilipino Cultural Night who were practicing a heartfelt rendition of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” on Dwinelle Plaza, directly across from his perch.

    No, Fresh had a gang of angry supporters by his police-lined fences on Sunday afternoon. Among the riled up company was our favorite all-purpose protester, Zachary RunningWolf–tricked out in his usual impeccably-selected anti-American t-shirt.

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    600px-sad_face.gifApparently, the protester currently known as “Fresh” knows when to follow his feline instincts and scurry up into the nearest tree. It also seems that he knows when to reason like a five-year-old.

    “I was planning on leaving, but the officer chased me,” he told The Daily Californian, “so I climbed up the tree.” No, we’re not talking about that big tree in front of Wheeler Hall, the one already shouldering the burden of a massive sign. We’re talking about another nearby tree. read more »