Endeavorin’ to blur the parameters of conventional (no touching, just contemplate) art, BAM invites you to chill all over its new giant curvy foam/wood installment. You don’t look impressed. We can see that “excuse me while I crawl back ‘inside the box’” look in your eyes. Wait! This might actually be awesome for your life. Equipped with power outlets, the installment serves as a study/work space for your laptop and you! read more »


BAM/PFA is a kool thing. Those of you who, 19 years after the unofficial “k” shift, are still spelling “cool” like your parents, well, you might as well just stop reading now. Not only was the Bancroft museum purposely built to house tall, well-dressed people who thrive amidst the color gray, but apparently music sounds sounds good there too. Hence, the launch of Friday [email protected] Nights at BAM, which will include booze, music, artsy guests and kultural stimulation of all sorts. The events below: read more »