If you know some Java or Python, CodingBat is a great website if you have some time to kill, and a laptop. It’s a site full of coding puzzles for people read more »


Not really. This summer over half a billion eggs have been recalled with over 1,200 egg-related illnesses. All this salmonella floating around has got consumers wondering about the best ways to protect themselves and which eggs are safest.

To begin with, let us dispel this myth about free-range (also called cage-free) chickens. True or false? Eggs laid by free-range chickens are less likely to have salmonella. Unfortunately, read more »

Just because the Castro is (technically) not an option again this year doesn’t mean you have to stay home and be productive. (Not that we do on normal Friday nights, anyway … Ahem.) Even if you’re planning on going the house/frat party route for the night of, we’ve scared up (mwahaha) a sampling of events for the whole week. read more »