We all love to play our little petty rivalry with the Palo Alto school, but when it comes down to it, it’s nice to know that there is more to human beings than just red shirts or blue shirts. For example, two Stanford alums are fundraising to keep the Cal baseball and rugby teams alive.

Yes, you heard right. Former Congressman Pete McCloskey and attorney Joe Cotchett (and yes, both are Stanford grads) are going around collecting checks in hopes of reinstating both teams. “A lot of us think playing ball against Cal was kind of a privilege. We’d like our grandchildren to have that same privilege,” McCloskey said to ABC 7 News.

Well, wow, that just makes us feel all fuzzy inside. The only potential hiccup is that the university says they would have to reinstate women’s teams as well as men’s teams, and for that they’d need around $70 or $80 million. There’s also a ticking clock: McCloskey and Cotchett said the university has until January or they will give the checks back.

OK, then, folks, time to get a-fundraisin’.

Image source: vistamommy under Creative Commons
2 Stanford alums fight to keep 2 UC Berkeley sports alive [ABC 7 KGO]

White bike sign on green tiled sidewalk

Sure the World Cup’s a big deal, but what about the AIDS Life Cycle currently going on around the Bay Area? Did you know we have some Bears participating in that?

The Cycle is from Paso Robles to Santa Maria. It’s a 7-day, 600 mile race. Our own Cal team has one member, Eric Trautman, who’s reporting on the trip as it goes along. They talk about cool stuff like bruises and even cooler stuff like cinnamon buns. And as of June 10, they were halfway to L.A.

We encourage anyone to read about this race and keep up with the Cal team. Even thinking about biking has us tired, and these guys are … well, epic.

Bears on Bikes: Day 4 [UCBerkeleyNews]
Image source: Horia Varlan under Creative Commons