Lady Gaga is blasting away over a crowd of thousands packed into Market Street while a guy in nothing but a yellow speedo dances around giving high fives to everyone he sees — we must be at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. read more »

TrophyThis world we live in is a beautiful place, full of extraordinary wonders and secrets. You just have to appreciate how things just work. Like, for example … Did you know that your ability to make decisions is greatly affected when you’re under pressure to void your bladder? Or that male Australian jewel beetles find a certain type of beer bottle so unbearably desirable that they try to mate with them until, literally, “death do [them] part”? Or the best part: Harold Camping (you know, the umpteenth guy who most recently predicted the world’s demise and still hasn’t given up hope) was recognized for his failure in a spectacular, honorary way?

Wait, but there’s more: Most of the people involved in such studies are legitimate scientists.

Yes, Clog readers. There are scientists out there that intently watched and made acute, perhaps even revolutionary, observations on beetles passionately humpin’ and bumpin’ with read more »

Jericho!, your friendly neighborhood comedy / improv group, had its last show of the semester last week. Don’t cry though. The magic of jericho! continues on the Internet, yay!

Check out the Mailman bit above. It’s a little longish but it’s definitely not short on pathos … or a case of the silly. After the jump, two more chortle-worthy vids.

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Finally, a Halloween on a Friday. As you gear up with last year’s strap-on hole-in-a-box for the next social mixer, for trick-or-treating (good luck) or caravan to Santa Barbara, consider dressing up as something else this year: a legend.

Here are a few tips:

Be Scrappy, Not Crappy

If you’ve accumulated crap around your dorm or apartment, consider wearing it. Costume Idea Zone suggests dressing up as a Chia pet (wrap thyself in duct tape sticky side out, and go for a roll down a freshly mown Faculty Glade), a melted snowman (drench thyself and carry around two sticks and a scarf) and static cling (wear random clothes, to which you pin dryer sheets, sock, and undies; for bonus points, make your hair stand on end). About.com also offers endless ideas spawned from a cardboard box or your sweat suit. read more »