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Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to scope out the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board’s interview with UC Berkeley’s ever-chipper chancellor, Robert Birgeneau.

If not, the editorial and full transcript of the 90-minute chat are available online. If you’re searching for substantive discussion of the issues raised, this is probably not the place to find it, but we’ve compiled some of the most notable, most interesting and most head-scratch-inducing moments of the interview. read more »


No, there was no Doug Benson or Paul F. Tompkins on hand when Chancellor Robert Birgeneau gave his end-of-the-school-year speech to the Berkeley Staff Assembly, but it still felt like a reflective time. Birgeneau described this year as “the single most difficult year I personally have experienced” in his academic career. To which we at the Clog would like to add a polite but insistent “DUH.”

He also admitted that he is “sometimes accused of being excessively optimistic” and tried to remedy this to fit with the times. He acknowledged that the draining of money read more »

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Looks like all the car bombs, votes of no confidence, letters from indignant professors and talks of walk-out might have gotten the boys upstairs sweating. Or at least they’ve gotten the message that the UC faculty and community would like a little more transparency in executive affairs (apparently the “trust us; you don’t want to bother with the fine print” approach doesn’t fly when doling out massive pay cuts.) Hence, this letter from Vice Prez of Academic Affairs Lawrence Pitts explaining the reasoning behind the final furlough and pay cut plan. Take a neat and tidy summary below: read more »