Gavin Newsom, gettin' it done.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was in full-on performance mode today, at Berkeley’s fifth annual Town & Gown Conference. No, we’re not talking about his actual speech, we’re talking about the abundance of facial expressions and hand waving that went down. Seriously, if there’s one thing we learned today, it’s this: The man can gesticulate.

The Kodak moments were plentiful, so we decided to compile a few of our favorites for you, dear readers. Enjoy!

The Jesus

The Jesus

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Gavin Newsom’s 10-year initiative to eradicate San Francisco homelessness is reportedly working. While over 800 people wrapped around Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to receive food, health, and legal aid at Wednesday’s Project Homeless Connect fair, Newsom announced to a throng of volunteers that 1,679 of the proposed 3,000 permanent housing units are up and running.

Cool. Impressive on paper. But as our daily traipse up Telegraph can attest, physical homelessness is only a fraction of the chronic Bay Area vagrancy. The flamboyant panhandling may have at first appeared a brass-knuckled reminder of what you are actively avoiding by submitting yourself to a large, faceless institution. After a while, however, you begin to wonder about the average income of Berkeley gutter punks. Probably higher than you’d think.

Our point is, Newsom, kudos to you. Now how ’bout you come across the bay and wave your statistics at a certain Mr. Bates?

Image Source: jimfischer under Creative Commons
Newsom: SF more than halfway to homeless goal [SF Examiner]

newsomNot that we’re judging anyone’s character based on the content of their Twitter account or anything, but there is something to be said of a man who hired his own “new media director” for his 2008 2007 reelection campaign.

San Francisco’s dyslexic mayor Gavin Newson has well over 1.4 million followers, making him “America’s Most Social Mayor“ (but somehow a few thousand shy of Senator McCain). His popularity could have something to do with his boyish good looks frequently updated YouTube channel, his persistent tweets (he live-tweeted his daughter’s birth) or his proclivity to respond to and thank fellow tweeters. read more »

BARENewsomCoverThe winter installment of UC Berkeley’s leading fashion quarterly, BARE Magazine, found its covergirl in none other than Mrs. Mayor Gavin Newsom herself: Jennifer Siebel.

Student photgrapher Ericka Veliz captured several shots of San Francisco’s First Lady near Ghiradelli Square—what more delectable a fashionscape to revamp the whimsy that made Bay Area style iconic. Siebel sported local designers the likes of Christopher Collins and Colleen Quen for the shoot.

Newsom also sat down with BARE reporter Katie Sarna to talk about her upcoming documentary debut, “Miss Representation”, girl power, wearable San Francisco fashion, and what it’s really like to be married to Gavin Newsom.

The issue went to print this week, we urge you to snag a copy. We’re also intrigued by BARE’s coverage of “Cal’s Co-op Culture” (knit hats out of your compost much?), our campus Muslim community’s insights on the Hijab, as well as the “Primal Instinct” spread.

Image Source: Courtesy Ericka Veliz, BARE Magazine
Jennifer Siebel Returns To Camera’s Lens [SFist]

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This Friday marks what could possibly be the most important of all hair-related holidays: Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day! If you’re interested in participating, SFist reminds you that the Gav uses L’Oréal Studio Line Total Control Clean Gel.

And if you’re not interested in pushing your hair’s helmet-of-cloudiness to the maximum, you can check out SF Weekly’s Flickr pool once the pictures start rolling in.

Image Source: thepartycow under Creative Commons
Excitement Builds as ‘Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day’ Draws Near [SF Weekly]
Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day, 10/9 [SFist]

shorts11-235x300Do you hate needles? Do you hate vaccines? Do you hate SWINE FLU?? Lucky for you there’s now a nasal spray for your snout. [SFist]

Gavin Newsom and his wife just had their first baby girl. Le’ts hope by the time she’s grown up, she’ll be able to get married, no matter what her sexual orientation happens to be. [San Jose Mercury News]

Have you ever wanted to convert a parking space into a public park? Yeah, we neither. But lucky for you, San Franciscans do a lot of things you probably wouldn’t think of doing. [SFist]

Do you hate this obnoxious heat wave we’ve been in for the past few days? Well we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s not going away any time soon. [San Jose Mercury News]

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If you thought Twitter was just an annoying accumulation of Facebook statuses that tells you what muffin your friend ate for lunch, think again. Current mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, announced his “official” bid for governor of California via his Twitter on Tuesday as part of his campaign which will utilize new media. We didn’t know that you could officially declare anything on Twitter, except that you have too much free time. read more »

If you’re embarrassed about your mom being on Facebook, at least there’s a silver lining: so is Gavin Newsom. The Chron pointed out that Newsom has a buttload of Facebook “friends,” to the tune of 25,000. Except that the Chron fails to note the difference between friends and supporters, real pages and public pages.

There is a difference.

Below, an abbreviated list of politicians you may actually or care about who are on Facebook as public figures. Like your mom. Hi-o!

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As student post-election jubilation flooded the streets of Berkeley, the nation celebrated the end of the Bush era, the election of our first African-American president and the purchase of Sarah Palin’s flight back to Alaska. But with the passage of Prop 8, California voters learned that while civil rights may be taking a great leap forward on the national front, it’s also taken a step back statewide.

The proposition which will ban gay marriage was passed with a 52% vote yesterday, effectively limiting a constitutional right and leading many to call for a succession of NorCal from the rest of the California. (OK, we made that last part up.) read more »

Academic competitiveness is a notion at the heart of Chancellor Birgeneau’s argument against Proposition 8, a proposition which would overturn an earlier decision by the California Supreme Court that basically reaffirmed that whole “can’t be separate and equal” dealy.

Birgeneau’s plea basically boils down to this: read more »

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