ice shot glasses
Geeks – gotta love ‘em. Especially the geeks who work at ThinkGeek and happily challenge the social notion of what geeks actually are. If the definition goes something along the lines of, “awesome people who think of super cool innovative things for the die-hard fans of Star Wars, Portal 2 and even Doctor Who (just to name a few),” then geeks deserve a shitload of admiration.

So wait, what’s this about frozen shot glasses? We’re not kidding. ThinkGeek especially is not kidding. For all you thirsty of-age alcohol drinkers (we are totally against supporting any sort of underage drinking in college), the Clog thinks this is definitely worth your attention and money.

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4834833062_b1bf8a7717_bLooking for an alternative way to celebrate Easter? After churching it up, and fighting Sunday school children over Easter eggs, after brunching it up, and letting your honey-baked ham filled belly hang over the loosened waistband of your jeans, head over to Pappy’s! Although hanging at a bar during Easter may be a bit unorthodox, it’s a way to spend this holy Sunday resting, and combining two things that go together better than bunnies and Jesus (wait, that makes no sense).

The Berkeley CSL club is hosting a “Barcraft” at Pappy’s. What is a “Barcraft” you ask? Well it combines two very manly activities, going to a bar and Starcraft. On the big screens of Pappy’s Bar and Grill on Telegraph, you can watch some of the best professional Starcraft players in the world play in the finals of the IPL 4 tournament. It is a great learning opportunity for those new to the “craft,” and a great space to meet new Bresties (Bro/besties), or just enjoy the game while sipping on an ice-cold brew.

Now, we know that

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