Editor’s Note: Due to ridiculously high traffic all day Friday, the Clog was sporadically down for much of the day. Thus we resorted to Twitter for all of our occupation coverage. The above slideshow is a culmination of all the pictures we posted on Twitter taken by various Daily Cal employees. What follows are the highlights from our Twitter coverage. You can expect a more comprehensive post later.

*BREAKING: Students take over Wheeler Hall. http://tr.im/FnuQ http://tr.im/Fnv8 read more »

george lakoff

Republicans have brainwashed us to dislike taxes, says UC Berkeley cognitive scientist/linguistics professor George Lakoff, and it’s time Democrats fought back with some brainwashing of their own (George Lakoff is on Bill O’Reilly’s “enemies list,” right between Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU and Howard Dean.) Lakoff intends to get a proposition on the November 2010 ballot that would restore democracy in California. It employs hardcore brainwashing a subtle cognitive phenomenon that made him famous, called “reframing.” read more »