shorts11-235x3001Best way to celebrate our sudden influx of warm weather: dreaded return to academic grind? Right. Try PFA’s screening of many shorts–not to be confused with our own informative pantaloons. [UC Berkeley Events]

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who YOU gonna call? Um, the twofer that is Berkeley’s campus-city ultimate crime-fighting combo. Obvi. [Mercury News]

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s ongoing research in the strife-ridden Gulf points to a quick-moving clean-up that may or may not be taking place as the handiwork of a very small, surprising source. [Wall Street Journal]

Lynne Cheney thinks we suck. [Huffington Post]

Earlier: Many Boo-Boos


Hey there. So sometimes the Clog feels bad for being the Internet–this is Berkeley, so we know you know what we’re talking about. The Internet is destroying journalism! And books! And grammar!

LolCats alone is probably held responsible for the death of spelling. So we feel like we should get some karma points by telling you that you should go to Moffitt Undergraduate Library to see the exhibit entitled “The Future of the Book.” read more »