108329754_380c5eb9bf-1It was not so long ago that Girl Scouts were cheery little munchkins who stood outside supermarkets selling us overpriced Tagalongs. Cookie selling is now a serious entrepreneurial pursuit, with Scouts replacing their smiles and innocence with technology.

In fact, it’s no longer even called a cookie sale, it’s called “a cookie program” and our prepubescent cookie peddlers are being referred to as “cookie entrepeneurs.” They’ve staged rallies, they’ve phone banked, they’re using the internet and oh god, they’re sending out mass texts like “Ur a txt away from gr8 cookies!” read more »

Last Saturday, the Clog stumbled upon a group of bedraggled, shivering Girl Scouts in the city selling their wares on a street corner. We bought a box of Samoas, $3.50.

Yesterday, we passed by another group of green-clad peddlers at Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way. We also finished our sole box of Samoas.

OK, so we’ll cut to the chase. The Girl Scouts are here, as SFist also mentions, and we would greatly appreciate another box of cookies to replace our ravaged previous one. Send the treats care of The Daily Cal, 600 Eshleman Hall. We may be sick of pizza, but we won’t say no to cookies from cutthroat little girls.

Image Source: Foxicat under Creative Commons
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