Women would never think of becoming scientists to seek knowledge or solve world problems; they would choose science as a career field because they can wear stilettos  in the lab — at least that is what the European Commission video aiming to bridge the gap between female and male scientists thinks.

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It’s no secret that the science, math and engineering departments on campus could use a little more estrogen. Males historically dominate any field that involves numbers–but university researchers (including one from UC Berkeley) argue that the ladies, too, now own at math. In fact, females have caught up quite a bit with their math-savvy male counterparts, according to new data derived from standardized test scores.

There are still gender performance differences everywhere, of course–from algebra classes to presidential primaries. But we see a bright future for gender equality in the math and sciences. If this study and its all-female collaborators are any indication, we could be kicking the “girls suck at math” stereotype in no time.

Image Source: ntr23 under Creative Commons
Girls no longer left behind in math, study shows [SF Chronicle]