After a long wait for the sit-lie issue to begin at last night’s City Council meeting, the public comments section ended with a dramatic adjournment when the crowd broke out into song and dance. As opposed to the first meeting over sit-lie, where the atmosphere in the room was charged with anger and hysteria, last night was simply … bizarre. Here’s a full recap: read more »

facebookBefore you go showing all your Facebook friends the creatively revealing outfit that you’ll be wearing this weekend (ie. the St. Louis Cardinals bra and panty set that you just so happen to have so you decided to call it a costume, or the neon green Borat “mankini” that you thought would be funny but was really just disturbing), you might want to read this first. Especially if you’re applying to law school.

According to a national survey by Kaplan Test Prep, law schools aren’t shy about doing online background checks on their applicants. Of the surveyed law schools (which included 128 American Bar Association-accredited schools), 41 percent of their admissions officers Google-searched their applicants online and 37 percent searched social networking profiles like Facebook.

Now ask yourself this: Do you have anything on your Facebook that might be perceived as controversial? Here are a few things that might be deal breakers for some admissions officers. read more »

jane lynchIf there’s one redeeming feature about the show “Glee,” it would be Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester, and her fantastic one-liners. Lynch makes a show filled with trite high school quips and dry dialogue almost bearable, and any episode without Sylvester’s japes and jeers feels even more cliche than it usually does.

So why is the Clog suddenly bringing her up? Well it just so happens that this Emmy and Golden Globe winner will be visiting Cal tomorrow.

Lynch will be at the Pauley Ballroom from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. tomorrow to talk about her work on the show, and her new book, “Happy Accidents.” We’ve even heard whisperings that read more »


This is late notice, TV fans, but we know you’ve got it in you: tonight Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. on the 7th floor of Eshleman, SUPERB will host a night of TV trivia. They want teams of four or less, and best of all, the event is completely FREE! Oh and yes, there will be prizes.

Now your next question is probably, which shows will be featured? Are we talking arty shows like “Mad Men” or the drivel that is “Jersey Shore?” Thankfully, the TV trivia gods have chosen to give you a smorgasbord of shows including “Glee,” “House,” “30 Rock,” “Modern Family,” “CSI,” “Sex and the City,” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Hulu fans, this is your time to shine!

And since it’s after six, and you’re not a farmer, you’d better wear a tux. We’re just sayin’.

Image source: jerine under Creative Commons
SUPERB presents: TV Trivia Night! [Facebook]