2577889435_5cb79621f3The weather is lovely outside. Hmmmm. What should we do on this beautiful day? Lay out on Memorial Glade? Nah, too many frisbees – one may actually hit us this time! Get some CREAM? Nah, the line is so long it’s barely worth it. We’ve got it! Go on a bike ride through SF … without any clothes?

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greenSince it’s Earth Week and all, we figured that we would bombard you with more eco-friendly stuff. Coinciding with Earth Day, a new e-waste center, GreenCitizen, will open tomorrow at 1971 Shattuck Avenue. Customers will be able to drop off their old electronics computers, cell phones and batteries.

GreenCitizen is able track where each item is sent after it is dropped off in order to ensure that it is sent to one of two plants in California, where it will then be recycled or re-used. Ultimately GreenCitizen hopes to “reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.”

Hopefully this store will inspire us to actually recycle the ever-growing mountain range of batteries in our rooms.

Image Source: Erin_Beth under Creative Commons
For Earth Day, a new e-waste recycling center in Berkeley [Berkeleyside]


Berkeley’s kicking ass and taking names. In recent months, the city’s ramped up its enviro-friendly ordinances by nailing businessmen for polluting the fair waters of our creeks and gutters. The latest to be hauled off to jail, Frank Ghahyaz, owns and operates Jetco Motors on 5th Street. According to one press release, Ghahyaz lets motor oil seep into storm drains, indulges in illegal transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, and eats babies. read more »