Not a green bandwagon, mind you, but the “green” trend. Oh, never mind. Just know that the next time you use an RSF towel to wipe the sweat off your fevered brow during spin class, you are helping the green movement.

That’s right, folks–that day you were waiting for is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the release of the latest Twilight movie (which you were only going to see ironically) or that long-awaited coupon for a free bagel. We’re talking the RSF is now read more »

Al Gore's house

This may or may not come as a surprise to you: Hella rich people here, too. Hella. Rich.

And while the drama surrounding the Berkeley-rich may not be quite as juicy as that produced in Orange County, it often proves more thought-provoking. Case in point: can Mitch Kapor’s proposed 6,748 square foot home really be as environmentally sustainable as the city has dubbed it? Oh hey, I think your Ramen is ready—or do you like it soggy? read more »


Get ready for the symposium of your life, because on March 4-5, Berkeley is hosting a symposium to “explore 400 rich years of African American nature writing, as evidenced in a new, first-ever anthology of nature poetry by black writers.”

Some may think that African-American nature writing is not very common, but, well, that’s just plain wrong. Cecil Giscombe, African-American poet and UCB English prof, explains it this way: “Nature is everywhere in writing, yet public read more »


Going green is a good thing, right? Less trash, more recycling? Fewer landfills, more trees? Surely this is a thought that everyone in Berkeley can get behind. It would be cheaper and better for everyone.

Think again. B-Town is now facing a $10 million deficit partly because its citizens are not throwing away enough trash. Even recycling and composting have come back to bite us in the ass.

The city only charges for trash collecting and hauls away your recycling and compost for free, largely to encourage greener waste disposal habits. And it’s working. Only problem is, it’s working a little too well, because $4 million of the above deficit came from the lack of trash-collecting moolah.

So do you hear that, all you Prius-driving, composting hippies? Start throwing away more trash! Put paper in the garbage can! Never recycle plastic bags! We need to keep this city in the black!

God, where is Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout when you need her?

Image source: soundfromwayout under Creative Commons
Greener living means less green in Berkeley budget [AP] via Mercury News

You know that satisfying “THWAP” sound when you smack down a hard copy of your term paper on top of a large pile of other (inferior) term papers on the day it’s due? I think we can all agree that it’s a cathartic moment. Sometimes it even moves us to tears. MLA style tears.

Imagine that feeling times (literally) 300 when some of your GSIs congregate in front of the degrees office this Friday and hand over 2 arduously printed copies of the dissertation they’ve been slaving over much longer than they’d care to admit. (That is, when they’re not busy wrangling bratty undergrads.) Best treasure that “THWAP” while you still can, grad students, because this semester marks the end of paper dissertations at Berkeley.

Sure, this initiative may be greener than your Great Uncle McHoolahan on St. Patrick’s day (it is estimated to save roughly half a million pages of paper per year), but will online publishing serve as an engraved invitation to plagiarizers everywhere?

Image Source: Chnrdu under Creative Commons
Paper is out, digital is in, when it comes to dissertations [News Center]

Keep doing what you’re doing, eco-friendly Berkeleyans. Toil away at your green projects, even when the rest of the country whispers maliciously that we’re all a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Joe Biden is backing you up.

Now you might say, that Delaware guy is nice and all, but what’s he got to do with us? Well, in 2007 Berkeley initiated a plan to finance solar panels in homes. It’s been spreading like environmentally-friendly wildfire to various cities across the nation, and now the federal government wants a piece. The plan is now set to be a national model for conserving energy.

The new national model, called Recovery Through Retrofit, “creates a read more »


It will be an alliance that no one will soon forget.

No, that isn’t the tagline to the newest hamster-related action comedy. In point of fact, UC Berkeley will soon be joining with the University of Incheon in South Korea to “explore the potential for joint scientific research in energy, biology, accelerators, cosmology, and space.”

The agreement, signed Wednesday (at 10:30 a.m. local time in the Republic of Korea, in case you were wondering) investigates possible collaborations between UC Berkeley and its South Korean counterpart. Apparently Incheon will be the rendezvous point read more »

If the words “going green”–or more importantly, “free stuff”–mean anything to you, then we suggest you head out to the PLAYgreen Festival tomorrow in Pauley Ballroom, going on from 10 a.m. ’til 4 p.m. Basically, it’s going to be a bunch of companies trying to out-green each other—which we assume means we won’t be bombarded with fliers or ugly keychains (unless they’re on recycled paper and made of recycled tires, respectively). read more »