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In light of recent Golden Gate Bridge celebrations, we thought that for our next summer bucket list item, we’d involve our favorite 75-year old bridge (because there are just so many of them!). After taking a nice naked dive into Strawberry Canyon Pool, try drying off by … well, drying off. And then hit up the GGB for a bike ride — yeah, we know, physical activity gets to us too.

But trust us, a breath-taking view of the San Francisco Bay combined with an enjoyable excursion in wonderful weather makes it all worth it. read more »

golden gate bridge

On May 27, the Golden Gate Bridge will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. We’re not typically ones for bridge trivia, but considering how the GG is halfway through being a septuagenarian, we thought we might share with you some fun facts about the world’s ninth longest bridge and the festivities to take place tomorrow. read more »


Remember when your mother used to chide you with that expression, “If everybody else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Well, if the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation Board of Directors has anything to say about it, you might not even have the option of trying. The board has started making inroads towards the construction of a suicide barrier on this beloved landmark—a resolution that’s generating quite a bit of chatter.

It’s no surprise that many are taking issue with the monetary side of this decision. The total cost of the project is an estimated $50 million, part of which is to be paid for with the (soon to be increased) tolls for crossing the bridge. And even though the change in toll will be minimal, $50 million is figure so gargantuan that it might actually make regular commuters a bit more sympathetic to the idea of suicide.

Others express concerns that the barrier will hurt the architectural integrity of the bridge. For some reason, people seem to think that the Golden Gate Bridge just wouldn’t be the same with a giant net around it.

Image Source: wallyg under Creative Commons
Board Takes Step Towards GG Bridge Suicide Barrier [KTUV]