perThis Friday, March 2, the ASUC will be hosting “Perspectives” from 7 to 10 p.m. in Zellerbach Hall. What is this, “Perspectives” you ask?

“It’s a multicultural showcase which brings together groups from various communities on our campus,” said junior and Chief of Staff, Mia Hodge, who is helping put together the event. “Sixteen groups will be performing including the Golden Overtones, Cal Jazz band, Jericho, Cal Slam and the Human Journal. Also performing is an assortment of a cappella and dance groups including Azaad, Dil Se and For Christ’s Sake.”

Basically, we’re getting that it’s a talent show like we used to have in the good old days, only a bit more diversified.

Coordinators expect it to be a high energy evening as performing groups vary in talents from poetry reading to dance to comedy. read more »

Campanile!Last night at midnight, the California Golden Overtones and the UC Men’s Octet performed for a rapt (and tipsy?) audience in the shadow of none other than la Campanile at an apparently annual event, Rock the Clock.

Part mini-pep rally, part frat party, part a Capella concert, and part ritualistic sacrifice (just kidding, but someone did bring their dog) each group started with a Cal spirit song, while the audience sang along and raised their (proverbial) glasses to our esteemed institution. Then the two groups alternated performing their favorite songs, along with the requisite, um, we’ll call them “interpretive dances.” read more »