5640108420_b9a4d89915Calling all expert namers (this means you, Adam and Eve)! As you may or may not know, the CalMail system proved to be a huge failure last semester, leaving the entire Berkeley community scrambling for a solution. Luckily, the almighty and all-powerful Google has stepped in to take the reigns, and now an entirely new and improved mail (and calendar) system looms on the horizon.

Who cares if it works though, the IT Productivity Suite Team is more concerned about having a really clever and inventive name to compete with the respective (and witty) UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz “AggieMail” and “Slugmail” systems. And so, the team has enlisted the help of the creative minds at UC Berkeley with a friendly naming competition. Think you have what it takes? read more »

GmailAny successful Berkeley student knows that to get ahead you need to ditch the low-performing Calmail and fully embrace the Google lifestyle. Lifehacker has a snazzy download that integrates your Gmail with Google Calendar. Now you can see how little of a social life you actually have, stuck behind your computer screen.

Oh wait. That’s us.

Lifehacker even offers a script to modify the e-mail/calendar mating to your taste. You better get your life in order–you only have two weeks before your academic enslavement resumes.

Image (barely) Photoshopped by Christine Borden
Integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with Enhance Gmail [Lifehacker]