We love those teachers that let us get away with any form of electronic devices in the classroom. After all, class is boundEtiquette Guide - Laptops In Class to get a little boring from time to time, and considering that humans have an average attention span a little less than that of a goldfish, a computer can be a good thing to have around. But when there are a few hundred other people sitting in the same lecture hall as you – there are some basics you should adhere to.

DON’T: Keep your volume on. Nobody wants to hear the start-up sound of your MacBook, as refreshing as it may be. Just take a second to hit the mute button right before you leave your dorm so that you don’t accidentally expose your embarrassing affinity for Justin Bieber as you prop open your laptop in that 8 a.m. Economics lecture.

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Yesterday’s big news? Google Chrome, Google’s nifty new web browser, was released to much fanfare and hullaboo. We’ve yet to test-drive it ourselves, but the release has got bloggers, developers, and other denizens of the Internet in quite the tizzy. Time will tell if Chrome’s just a flash in the pan – AP thinks it “lacks polish”, InformationWeek’s verdict is that it “mostly glitters” – but in the meantime, check out its new features. read more »