Good – no, great– news: gossiping is now a positive thing!

Sounds too good to be true? You’re correct to some degree. It isn’t the sort of gossiping that might come to mind at first. By that sort of gossiping we mean when people trash-talk others in order to defame the victim(s) or – and let’s all be quite honest here – unsuccessfully attempt to feel better about themselves by elevating their own wonderful, brilliant characteristics … only then to have the temporary effects of loving themselves fade and be left still unhappy.

The sort of gossiping that a recent study from UC Berkeley gives a thumbs-up is read more »

Ooh, that's so juicy. Have you ever wanted to call someone’s boyfriend a “midget troll,” but felt the need to hide behind a totally anonymous internet medium, with zero accountability and little or no censor? We’re sorry to say that such a site did exist, but as of yesterday, has been damned to the fiery pits of interweb hell.

But where will we turn for answers to the questions  so vital to our academic lives, like whether students would rather hook up with their GSI or their prof? How will we find out who’s the biggest slut on campus? And what will we do when Facebook fails to adequately inform us of the latest campus dramz? Like, OMG. read more »