dia de los muertosIf you’ve ever so much as taken a Spanish class, you are well-aware of Dia de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. The Mexican holiday celebrates those who have passed on, every year, on Nov. 1 and 2. That means those of you suffering from post-Halloween blues have an excuse to celebrate for a couple of extra days.

Festivities for Dia de los Muertos will be held at the Gourmet Ghetto Wednesday from 5-9 p.m. on Shattuck Avenue. Among other things the event will have: face painting, a beer and wine stand, a community altar and craft stalls. Specifically, there will be read more »

mmm... sleepy time

Another summer gone, another school year begins.

No worries, because we at the Clog are here to make sure that at least one of your fall semester classes will be worth waking up for. Because we love our readers so dearly and would hate for you procrastinators to add a boring, soul-gnawing class just to reach that 13 unit mark, we present to you a short list of noteworthy classes we’re convinced you will enjoy immeasurably.

So … read more »

cupcakeThe Gourmet Ghetto will once again be host to what promises to be a devastatingly effective campaign against our bank accounts. Today and every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., the space that normally accommodates the farmer’s market on Shattuck and Rose will take in another occupant: Off the Grid.

A bunch of street vendors gathered into one place, Off the Grid was founded about a year ago and has vendors at six different places in San Francisco. The Berkeley location will feature about eight to ten trucks, with sellers switching every few weeks and regular newcomers.

There will be a wide spectrum of vendors, ranging from Cupkates to the Taco Guys. This Kate is most welcome, as Berkeley clearly doesn’t have enough cupcakeries (if there is such a thing).

More local food trucks join Berkeley’s first Off The Grid [Berkeleyside]
Off The Grid to launch street food event in Berkeley [Berkeleyside]
Image Source: cupcakequeen under Creative Commons

nice kitty

Everyone’s favorite feline is once again making headlines, this time, posthumously.

A street memorial has popped up in downtown Berkeley at the sight of last week’s controversial mountain lion shooting. Candles, flowers and heartfelt notes placed near the Walnut St. driveway commemorate the cat’s untimely demise.

While many have used this event to push forth their own political agendas—the protection of wildlife and the safety of local residents are the two main players, here—we at the Clog find this kind of campaigning just a tad bit inappropriate.

Rather than choose between Team Police or Team Furry Animals, we’d simply like to take a moment to honor the closest thing to Jumanji that will ever happen to us. We hope.

Image Source: contemplicity under Creative Commons
Only in Berkeley: Slain Gourmet Ghetto Lion Gets a Memorial [NBC Bay Area]

mountainlion If you happened to be strolling around the Gourmet Ghetto area very early this morning, you may have come across a rather unusual sight. A mountain lion, first reported to the Berkeley Police Department at 2:13 a.m., led police on a bit a of a chase.

The big cat was eventually shot dead around 3:26 a.m. by officers near 1630 Walnut St., about a block away from Chez Panisse and just around the corner from sandwich holy grail and Clog favorite Gregoire.

It is still quite unclear what the mountain lion’s motivation was for promenading in North Berkeley in the middle of the night, and it seems we may never know.

Image Source: SearchNetMedia under Creative Commons
Mountain Lion Shot, Killed Near Shattuck Avenue [Daily Cal]

cupcakeAs the weather gets colder, and the standby treat of Berkeley students (frozen yogurt, of course) becomes less desirable, we are forced to seek out alternate sources of sweetness. And we thought we were onto something.

We enjoyed the red velvet and double vanilla cupcakes from the Cupkates Truck during awkward gaps between classes. The brilliance of the idea was not lost on us. While Berkeley is never at a loss for brilliant baked goods, cupcakes included, these ones came to us. The truck often parked near campus, and were we so gluttonous as to desire two dozen cupcakes or more, we could have them delivered for free. But today, we were thwarted. read more »


The annual Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival hits the Gourmet Ghetto at the end of this month. Get your nails polished a “chocolate color”! Taste an “adult” brownie! Try a chocolate chicken tikka kabob! The possibilities are endless … OK, not quite, but there’s plenty of chocolate decadence to go around.

Trust us, there’s no better way to say “buh-bye” to finals and “hello, summer” than by consuming your monthly allotment of chocolate in one go.

When: Saturday, May 30 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days ipod

Gourmet Ghetto (North Shattuck Avenue)
Cost: $10 for 10 tickets

Image Source: Jim Frazier under Creative Commons
Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival [Another Bullwinkel Show]
via SFoodie Homo Erectus move
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Sun Valley Serenade hd

By the time the Clog arrived at the Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, most of the vendors were packing up, and many of the chalk drawings were complete. Yes, we missed out on the chocolate pizza, chocolate tandoori chicken and mingle-time with the artists–but we did snatch a few photographs of the chalk art while the drawings were still fresh.

Creeping up on North Shattuck Avenue from Downtown Berkeley, it seemed most of the chalk art was made more for business than pleasure, with coffee shops and other businesses basking in the glow of free sidewalk advertising.

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Watch real chalk artists (and amateurs) give ASUC campaign chalkers a run for their money this Saturday from 10-5 p.m. when the Gourmet Ghetto hosts the Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival!

Are you an artist? Blow up North Shattuck with your supreme dusting skills by signing up at the same-day registration booths, located at 1451, 1607 and 1752 North Shattuck Avenue. Artist’s chalk may be provided to you, as well … for a fee.

For another fee of $10, you get 10 tickets to spend on samples of uniquely tasty goodies like chocolate garlic clusters and spicy chocolate tandoori chicken.

The Clog will try to catch the excitement before work, so look forward to some photos and some very satisfied taste buds. If you miss it, no worries. The sidewalk art will stay around about as long as the ASUC campain chalking did–forever.

Image Source: Chad Carpenter under Creative Commons
Gourmet Ghetto [Website]