Extwa, extwa! Wead all about it!US News just released its grad school rankings. Haas is a lucky No. 7 for business, Berkeley’s College of Engineering ranks third for engineering and Boalt is the sixth best law school in the land. Oh, and the baller-est Berkeley graduate program of them all? ENGLISH, baby! We may not be making any money, but at least we’re the best at it. [US News]

BART fares are probably going to be hiked in July. Groan. Sigh. [SFist


It was only a matter of time before the ASUC demanded its own recount. Wait, what? They do this every year? Well in that case … [Daily Cal]

Speaking of recounts, Al Gore was here. Get excited for this awesome audio slideshow, since you probably missed him in person. Also, ManBearPig

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! That is all. [Daily Cal]

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