Berkeley English-Chernin Program

If you have anything to do with the university’s English department, you may have already heard of something called the Chernin Program. It’s a mentoring program held every semester for anyone interested in English and literature, as a major or otherwise. Undergraduate groups meet every other week in the evening with a graduate student leader to talk about everything under the sun, from particulars about the English major to the nature of reading in general. Students talk about broad topics that you can’t get into during class and questions that have been bugging them, like what the heck does the dialectic mean? If you don’t get to talk about what you want during your regular meeting, your graduate leader holds office hours every other week to answer questions. You can ask about the major, classes you should take, applying to graduate school, or literature itself. There’s no extra homework or reading, just a relaxed meeting of the minds that can make you feel smart in your free time while taking a break from classwork. There’s also free food, which is always a bonus for poor, hungry college students.

Besides these regular meetings, the program also gives opportunities to explore Berkeley’s resources. You can sign up for seminars to learn how to research things in the libraries and online databases, or you can tour the Bancroft Library’s collection of cool old stuff. Want to see one of the first editions of ‘Paradise Lost’, or ‘David Copperfield’? They have them, and you can gawk at them all you want with fellow bookworms. You can view these items otherwise as read more »

We don’t know what it is about graduate student instructors, but just about everyone wants to bag one. Perhaps it’s the dream of exchanging an apple sex for an A (come, come–that’s not kosher!). It’s true love, we’re sure, and AnonCon can attest to that. To the following GSIs, someone loves you:

* Jeffrey Doker. Three agree you’re hot, and two say that’s not right. Never you mind that. We hear you’re “super awesome at limbo!!!” and that’s all that matters in life.
* Daniel Nemser. We wish we could find you on Facebook. Allow the illict student-GSI relationship to develop, man!
* Emily Crane
* Jonny Morris
* David Okawa, with two aye votes. Menage a trois, anyone?
* Melissa Etzler, you get double the love too.
* Zan Stine
* Maxim of Math 16B
* Zach R. of Psych 122. We think this might be you. Your students (two again) must appreciate your–ahem–teaching abilities.
* Peter Liska. We’re not sure if we found you on Facebook, but damn it, we’re going to try.
* “Micheal from Phil 25B.”
* David Trease
* Peter Battaglino, you’re “adorable.” Oh, “and a good GSI. <3.”
* Randall Smit

We still think that using AnonCon to announce GSI crushes is pretty lame, but at least it makes for good Facebook stalking. Research. We mean research.

One GSI remarked on being asked out through email. “It made me really uncomfortable,” he/she said. So stop being creepy. Do it in person.

Also, completely unrelated, someone very excited would like to remind you that there will be “NAKED STREAKING IN THE LIBRARY ON MONDAY NIGHT (tuesday morning) AT MIDNIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS.” Punctuality appreciated. Punctuation not included.

UC Berkeley Community – Anonymous Confessions [LiveJournal]