4543932241_4256231ea9_zThe semester is winding down. The week ahead promises to be filled with procrastination and if you are graduating, reminiscing. You will be going to every restaurant, bar, or café in the Berkeley area in order to get all your Berkeley energies out before you pack up and head home (whether home means into your mother’s open arms, or to your new grad school landscape).

So, as we sign off on Berkeley life, we will be briefly re-living our first experiences at a few of Berkeley’s most unique cafés and bars. Maybe they will inspire you to visit them if you are yet to try them, or simply remind you to go back one last time.

First up is the Elmwood Cafe on College Ave. It is one of our all time favorites, and one not often visited because it is not just right across the street from campus. Enjoy! read more »


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Some graduates decorate their caps to spell out their sororities’ names. Other people, like Roland Saekow, create a green residential lot on theirs.

Complete with grass paper (astroturf probably causes global warming or something), a solar panel, a wind turbine, a small house and a mechanical rising sun, Roland’s hat made  statement. You, too, can have a green cap. What for? Don’t be silly.

Though normally we’d be jerks and point out that you don’t actually have to power your cap in the first place—let alone construct a sustainable way to do so—we won’t do that today. Instead, hats off to Roland, who showed us how graduation gear no longer has to depend on pollutants like petroleum any more. Oil kills!

Green Graduation Cap, solar and wind power [YouTube]
Green Graduation Cap [AP Community]Agent Cody Banks movie


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Looks like fun, no?You may have been too stressed out of your mind to notice that, while you were stalking angrily to your finals on Thursday and Friday, you were ruining family photos on Upper Sproul Plaza or in front of the Campanile. Yes, there is a reason for the sudden rash of people taking cheesy pictures … and that reason is graduation season Deep Impact film

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That means a lot of people walking around in caps and gowns, stopping in front of every building on campus, capturing their final Berkeley memories. It also means sometimes-semi-interesting commencement speakers. Some of these commencement speeches look pretty crash-able, especially the outdoor ones, so even if you don’t know anybody in the major, you might be able to catch some words of wisdom.

Image Source: m00by under Creative Commons
Graduation ceremony season starts Thursday, May 14 [NewsCenter

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3331794318_9e4355226aSecretary of Energy Steven Chu—former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and professor at UC Berkeley—will be Caltech’s commencement speaker this year. Apparently the Nobel Prize cowinner’s “focus on energy research makes him an ideal speaker for Caltech.”

This decision entirely discounting his years of teaching physics and biology here at Berkeley? We won’t pretend we’re not a tad disappointed. But hey, it’s a feeling we’re quite accustomed to

by now.

Image Source: Center For American Progress The Fountain divx Wild at Heart download Action

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Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to Speak At Caltech Commencement [Pasadena Now]

evil-owlTo confirm our worst fears/what we already know, the Chron ran an article today about how hard it will be to find a real job once you graduate. Thanks. As if combing through craigslist isn’t sad enough already.

Prolonging your grad date might not work either, if that’s what you’re thinking. Seniors, you’re screwed. Juniors, you’re probably screwed too. We hope you plan on getting a Ph.D. in something useful.

Meanwhile, we’re in a nursing shortage. Hint hint.

Or, if you want to denounce your materialistic lifestyle and you’re into that whole hippie thing, there’s always wwoofing.

Image Source: left-hand under Creative Commons, edited by Christine Borden
Congrats, graduate – good luck finding a job [SF Chron Three Days of the Condor film ]

BallerCraig Newmark, the founder of craigslist, will deliver the Commencement Convocation speech Tuesday, May 13. His special treat to graduating seniors? He’ll be making it up on the spot.

NewsCenter reports that Newmark will emphasize three main points in his speech:

1. Follow in my footsteps: “Never read a prepared speech unless you’re good at it.”

2. Wanna know corporate life? (No.) Read Dilbert.

3. When in doubt, quote Shakespeare: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

We’d also like to add a No. 4: Never use craigslist casual encounters when drunk.

The event begins at 4 p.m. at the Greek Theatre. Congratulations to all those graduating!

Image Source: Andrew Feinberg under Creative Commons
Craiglist founder to give commencement speech [NewsCenter]

I'm free!

In addition to department graduation ceremonies, a few other groups on campus also hold their own get-togethers for proud graduates. It’s a great way to graduate with a community of people (rather than the curve-setting peers you’ve been battling against all four years). Plus there’s usually free food, and the Clog certainly can’t argue with that.

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umeko_tsuda_at_graduation_1890.jpgIt’s time to start planning! For those of us who still have time left to do here at Berkeley, it means it’s time to check Bearfacts before you miss your Tele-Bears appointment (oh, evil of evils), and it’s probably about time to figure out where you’re going to live next year. But for those lauded elite–graduating seniors–it’s time to stop drinking on weeknights and figure out what’s next.

What does that entail? Well, the Berkeley News Center headed to the Grad Fair to find out “What’s left to do and what’s after Cal?” And for most people they talked to, the answer was school, school, some work, and more school. The majority of students surveyed said they were going to grad school, and saw finals as their last hurdle before they graduate and move on–to a masters. Way to stave off the headfirst plunge into that adult version of Never Neverland, “the real world,” for just a few more years, Seniors.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and lots more dollars (and a better economy) for every extra diploma you earn. No, but seriously, we do.

Point of View: Seniors on their Last Weeks at Cal [Berkeley News Center]

preschoolgrad.jpgThere’s no doubt that hundreds of busy, graduating seniors have no idea what the hell they’re supposed to be doing right now in terms of buying caps, gowns and all that other goodness. At least, the Clog doesn’t have any idea. Then again, we’re the kind of people without feelings–the ones who just wanna snatch the degree and go without subjecting ourselves to a ritual that evokes the thorny pain of retrospect and the even thornier pain of not knowing what to do with our lives.

But thanks to the Senior Class Council, we can’t avoid that pain forever! Yes, the council will host a myriad of events all this week to make it easier for disorganized seniors to get it together and hopefully bond with the other thousands of graduates who will clog up the Greek Theater come May 13.

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So now you’re graduated. Or you’re on track to graduate in, like, five years. So after being a super senior, what the heck are you going to do with the rest of your life?

We just want to say one word to you: plastics.

Yeah, maybe in 1967.

US News and World Report released a report on the best careers for those carrying a bachelor’s degree. And English majors won’t be living in cardboard boxes after all.

The top highest-paying careers are as follows:

bq. 1. Management Consultant – $96,245 – Bachelor’s in Business

bq. 2. Fund Raiser – $78,902 – Bachelor’s in Business

bq. 3. Actuary – $75,062 – Bachelor’s in Accounting

bq. 4. Engineer – $72,156 – Bachelor’s in Engineering

bq. 5. Systems Analyst – $70,438 – Bachelor’s in Computer Science

bq. 6. School Psychologist – $63,029 – Bachelor’s in Psychology

bq. 7. Registered Nurse – $59,046 – Bachelor’s in Nursing

bq. 8. Editor – $52,443 – Bachelor’s in English

bq. 9. Landscape Architect – $49,974 – Bachelor’s in Architecture

Of course, you can earn more being, say, a doctor or a lawyer. But those careers involve more than a bachelor’s. One would hope.

But if you’re pretty much done with school effing you over, that there list is your guide to the top-dollar life of a college grad.

Yeah, only if you could get into Haas.

Best Careers 2007 [US News and World Report]
Highest Paying Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Grads [Education Nation]

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