Finals start tomorrow, but some students only have their eyes on the prize: graduation. Are you ready to get the heck outta Dodge?

Today, the Daily Cal presents its Graduation Issue, chock-full of various Danny Glover jabs, including the illustration pictured at the right. The Clog brings you the featured articles along with our top picks. In case, you know, you don’t want to read any more about rhotacism, metathesis and allomorphy. Whatever that means. We’re supposed to know this crap by now.

* Graduation: Choose Your Own Speaker – Thank God the Californians didn’t try to get Bono as the speaker.
* Four-Course Meal, Four-Week Wait – We’re wary of any restaurant that willingly describes itself as “slamming.”
* The Ins and Outs of Graduating Abroad – At least there’s no picket line at your graduation.

Top Picks:
* Putting the Lover Back in Glover – This deserves a slow clap itself.
* Continuing College: The Doctor Pepper Method – But which is better: a Diet Dr. Pepper or a mint julep? We may never know.

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