Bad-asseryWe’re not sure what it is about Clint Eastwood and Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies, but apparently they go together like Clint Eastwood and movies with guns in them. Or Clint Eastwood and silver foxiness. Ahem. You get the gist.

Anyway, what we’re getting at here is that the (and we quote ourselves on this one) “laconic gunslinger, squint-eyed cowboy lady-killer, stone-cold sonofabitch and enduring icon of masculinity” himself was in Berkeley on Friday, for the second time this academic year, and for the second time this academic year, he was at the Center for Japanese Studies.

Last time Eastwood was seen ’round these parts, it was to speak at a reception as a prize for designing the Resident Faculty Program’s logo. This time, he was here getting a prize, instead of being a prize. read more »