While the economy goes all to hell one multinational Wall Street banking Goliath at a time, libraries are still lending things out for free. The Graphic Arts Loan Collection that the Clog reported about earlier this summer is now up and running at ye old Morrison Library, making Berkeley one of the few brave universities across the nation — alongside MIT and Oberlin — that’s made the decision to condemn works of fine art to potential vandalization by lending pieces out to its general student populace. Except not, because Berkeley students are fine, upstanding citizens! Also each piece is valued at 600 dollars or less.  Yes, even the brand names.

If free framed art sounds cool enough to lure you and your trendily destitute ways away from the ultra popular Rasterbator, you can peruse the selection of over 700 prints at your leisure here. A sampling of the more interesting ones under the jump: read more »