mountain lion

Spotted: Mama mountain lion and her babies roaming around the Berkeley hills and instilling fear in the staff of the Berkeley Lab.

This isn’t the first time this year — on July 19, a mountain lion and her cubs (perhaps the same one?) were spotted at the Greek Theater. read more »

bob dylan

In support of his new album, Tempest, Bob Dylan will be performing 27 shows in a month and a half. Talk about a marathon.

One of those shows includes the Greek Theater at Berkeley on Friday, Oct. 19. If you’re concerned about going to the Big Game rally though, you can catch Bob Dylan in San Francisco on Wednesday, Oct. 17 and Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Get those tickets now ‘cuz for Bobby, they’re gonna sell fast.

Image source: Stoned59 under Creative Commons

bonfire greek theater

Starting today, the Clog is beginning a Summer Bucket List Series, where we’ll suggest some of the hippest, chilliest, coolest, swaggiest, Cloggiest, you-don’t-want-to-miss-these things to do this summer. Let the fun times begin!

First up on our list: see a concert at the Greek Theater! read more »


Sick of watching all your friends go to all the amazing concerts the Greek Theater has been having while you stay home and cry yourself to sleep? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

As will often happen when the Clog spots a reason for distress amongst our fellow students, we found an easy and free solution: watching concerts from behind the theater. When we say watching we pretty much mean listening since only the upper half of the stage is visible, but concerts are 75 percent for listening anyway right?

Here is how to do it. Walk up to the parking lot located right behind the Foothill dorms. There you will find a big hill, crowded with broke or cheap students just like us and you! Here a picnic is also tempting and plausible. If you are scared of getting into trouble, do not worry, this is totally allowed — security actually told us if we wanted to watch the concert from the lot we should sit on the hill.

If this sounds like fun, then a golden opportunity is waiting to be seized since this weekend Arcade Fire will be performing. See you there.

Image Source: hpitlick under Creative Commons

1122578410_17cf6a586cAttention musicophiles: A bunch of bands you knew about way before they became mainstream will be tearing it up right here at our very own Greek Theater in the coming weeks.

On the indie front, New-York-based favorite Vampire Weekend will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 25. (Yes, that is this weekend. No, we won’t make any blisteringly unfunny ‘Vampire Weekend this weekend’-type jokes.) They’ll be followed up on Oct. 2 and 3 by Arcade Fire, in the wake of their latest album “The Suburbs.”

Also on tap: Train (on Oct. 1) and Jack Johnson (on Oct. 5 and 6).

Ready your wallet, though, because tickets to the venue will almost certainly run you upwards of $40.00. A bit pricey for cheap students like us, perhaps — (that’s like, two million packages of Top Ramen, right?) but just think of all the super cool Facebook status updates you’d post!

Image Source: heartonastick under Creative Commons

Greek Theater Concert Calendar [Another Planet Entertainment]


When recession settles, fun things fall into two camps: luxuries and necessary luxuries. Concerts, of course, could qualify for either, depending on the awesomeness of the concert. So, for your strictly discerning eyes The Clog has assembled a list of all the potentially kick-ass shows that will be going down in the East Bay and SF throughout the semester. Deep breath, here we go: read more »


So we didn’t exactly get to see the Dalai Lama at the Greek Theater on Saturday

The Hunting Party the movie

, thereby missing a unique opportunity to see one of the world’s most famous and inspirational spiritual leaders give what may have been a life-changing speech about compassion, forever making us hopeless humanitarians that want nothing more than to join the Peace Corps and make the world a better place and adopt Ugandan infants, but we assure you, we’re not bitter about it. It’s the world’s loss.

Apparently, while we poor Berkeley students were denied, Sharon Stone somehow got in to give some kind of read more »


Well, the event that spawned the line from hell is nearly here. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is expected to arrive in Berkeley tomorrow afternoon. The arrival of the controversial character has students giddy and UCPD all in a tizzy. Apparently, there will be some other less interesting community events taking place tomorrow as well, if any of you who couldn’t get Lama tickets are looking for consolation. Bottom line: traffic is going to be a bitch. Here’s what to watch out for: read more »

736535619_7aff8b97d1His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama is trekking all the way from India to give a speech entitled “Peace Through Compassion” right here at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater. And yes, you really do have to call him “His Holiness.”

Student ticket sales will begin Wednesday, March 11 at Zellerbach Hall and go for $20 in the stadium and $15 on the lawn. Adult and staff tickets will begin the 16th. Who would have thought that the Dalai Lama, Theodore Roosevelt and The Grateful Dead all had something in common?

Who: His Holiness
When: April 25, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. Start lining up at noon.
Where: Greek Theater

Image Source: FerneMillen under Creative Commons
Peace Through Compassion [Website]

We saw how popular videos of naked people were on our site. Maybe people like robot rock too?

Daft Punk found themselves amid a popularity blitz after their set at Coachella last year, thanks to their fans sneaking in cameras and posting on YouTube. And last night, Daft Punk came to Berkeley’s Greek to a sold-out show and of course, the trusty Clog digital camera.

If you’re looking for a review of the show, you’ll have to wait for the review section in Thursday’s paper. But we’ve got the vids, and that’s all you really wanted to see, right? Who needs words when you have flashing lights?

Daft Punk went rainbow crazy for “Around the World,” and somebody on acid probably had a heart attack. We couldn’t tell. We were stuck in a mob of people and a cloud of, um, “cigarette” smoke.

Unfortunately, this was the last video the Clog cam was able to capture, but it was only the beginning of the revamped Daft Punk pyramid. We’re sure you can find more videos on YouTube, but for now you feast your eyes on nine (yes, nine!) more Daft Punk visual orgasms, courtesy of the Clog.

Yes, we love you too.

TheDailyClog’s Videos [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Around the World [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Around the World (a different one) [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Face to Face [YouTube]