9730353_f423df1396This story seems designed to necessitate stupid puns. We’ll spare you the jokes about greenhouses and blazing and cut to the chase: Licensed weed growers, according to a recent report, are speeding along global warming.

The study, conducted at our very own Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, took into account the substantial energy required to cultivate medical marijuana indoors –  about one percent of the nation’s overall supply and three percent of California’s — as well as the carbon dioxide produced as a result, which amounts to 17 million metric tons annually and which doesn’t even include the CO2 exhaled when people smoke.

To the untrained eye, these stats do look somewhat outrageous; and according to read more »

1337749333_03b6978c70It’s always nice to think that the fate of Earth’s climate rests in capable hands. We can all certainly breathe easier—literally—knowing that three prominent members of the UC Berkeley faculty were recently appointed

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to California’s Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee.

Distinguished scholars James Bushnell, Richard Frank, and Dan Kammen (directors, respectively, of the UC Energy Institute, the Center for Law, Energy and the Environment, and the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory and Transportation Sustainability Research Center) will be working alongside thirteen other experts on the newly formed committee, which was created as a means of implementing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. It aspires to, among other ambitions, substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the coming decade.

Please note the remarkably improved lung power in our collective sigh of relief.

Image Source: ecstasticist Albino Farm dvd under Creative Commons
Three UC Berkeley faculty members chosen for state advisory committee to help devise cap-and-trade program [NewsCenter

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