Berkeley may be back, considering the veritable flurry of recent protests.Between GSI near-strikes, tree people and the last few years’ worth of ruined convocations at the hands of picket-sympathizing speakers, there seems to be little room left in our overextended hearts to care about protests over the BP deal or I-House working conditions.And while we do care about trees and alternative energy research and living wages and other liberal hippie crap like that, we feel we are lately simply inundated with protests.At this rate, it looks like people in Berkeley are protesting for no other reason than to be contrary about everything in this world that has wronged them.The Clog (or at least this Clogger) could likely find ways to care less about whether the athletic department gets new facilities or the GSI’s union pressures the university for more money. We fully support free speech and human rights and all the rah rahs that come with that, but we find ourselves commiserating with the sentiments of Dangierre, who suggests the protesters “get their heads out of their asses.”Maybe we wouldn’t be quite so harsh on our activist brethren. But the medium’s message these days is just so … Free-Speech-Movement cliche. Perhaps “ration the rally call” or “choose battles wisely” is more our style.Image Sources: Justin Gonzaga, Yaou Dou, Daily Cal; edited by Krista Lane40 protest UC Berkeley research deal with BP [SF Gate]Employees Protest I-House Conditions [Daily Cal]Hundreds Rally In Support of ‘Jena Six’ [Daily Cal]

We don’t know what it is about graduate student instructors, but just about everyone wants to bag one. Perhaps it’s the dream of exchanging an apple sex for an A (come, come–that’s not kosher!). It’s true love, we’re sure, and AnonCon can attest to that. To the following GSIs, someone loves you:

* Jeffrey Doker. Three agree you’re hot, and two say that’s not right. Never you mind that. We hear you’re “super awesome at limbo!!!” and that’s all that matters in life.
* Daniel Nemser. We wish we could find you on Facebook. Allow the illict student-GSI relationship to develop, man!
* Emily Crane
* Jonny Morris
* David Okawa, with two aye votes. Menage a trois, anyone?
* Melissa Etzler, you get double the love too.
* Zan Stine
* Maxim of Math 16B
* Zach R. of Psych 122. We think this might be you. Your students (two again) must appreciate your–ahem–teaching abilities.
* Peter Liska. We’re not sure if we found you on Facebook, but damn it, we’re going to try.
* “Micheal from Phil 25B.”
* David Trease
* Peter Battaglino, you’re “adorable.” Oh, “and a good GSI. <3.”
* Randall Smit

We still think that using AnonCon to announce GSI crushes is pretty lame, but at least it makes for good Facebook stalking. Research. We mean research.

One GSI remarked on being asked out through email. “It made me really uncomfortable,” he/she said. So stop being creepy. Do it in person.

Also, completely unrelated, someone very excited would like to remind you that there will be “NAKED STREAKING IN THE LIBRARY ON MONDAY NIGHT (tuesday morning) AT MIDNIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS.” Punctuality appreciated. Punctuation not included.

UC Berkeley Community – Anonymous Confessions [LiveJournal]