lastfmSometimes bolstering your indie cred just isn’t worth listening to a band that makes screeching cats seem like a Wagner overture. A visiting researcher at UC Berkeley has found data that shows that people are willing to subject their ears to such an auditory massacre in order to project a certain image.

Airi Lampinen, a visiting researcher at the School of Information, along with her peers Suvi Silfverberg and Lassi A. Liikkanen interviewed twelve users of and its application “the scrobbler” which instantly uploads your listening history from your computer to your profile.

The researchers found that people will actually change the music they listen to if it will be made public. If this is true, how do so many people still listen to Justin Bieber?

Image Source: stringbot under Creative Commons
Music Choices Change When They Are Published, Researchers Find [UC Berkeley School of Information]