Affix National Condom Week to your growing list of to-do’s in the next few days—oh yeah, that’s right. Time for more free condoms!

The festivities begin Monday with a two hour workshop on relationship communication, starting at 6:30 p.m. in 235 Dwinelle. They go until Thursday, but the main attraction happens Wednesday on Upper Sproul Plaza at noon.

As always, there will be raffles, free lubricants and—this sounds juicy—fun activities. Ambiguity aside, the “activities” are probably not what you’re thinking. Or are they?

Like last year, we leave you with the option of taking Planned Parenthood’s Condom Quiz. Choose wisely!

Image Source: Darkone under Creative Commons
National Condom Week [UCBLJ]
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate [Website]
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Earlier this week, mental_floss highlighted the most unique, most interesting college classes in the country. UC Berkeley’s “Simpsons” DeCal clocked in at No. 2. Woohoo.

We think, though, that the site missed a few good ones from our crazy campus. Plus, a DeCal doesn’t really count, does it?  Instead, we thought of some awesome classes we took or heard lots about. Add your own submissions in the comments section.

Seriously, These Are Real Classes?
* Drugs and the Brain
* What’s so great about “The Wire”?
* A Film Studies class on pornography

DeCals (But They Don’t Really Count)
* Female Sexuality
* Batman
* Sacha Baron Cohen
* James Bond

Image Source: Joits under Creative Commons
12 College Classes We Wish Our Schools Had Offered
[Mental Floss]