Taking a break from studying? Not heading into the nation’s greatest trick-or-treat hotspot? Enjoy your moment of procrastination with the Clog’s Halloween haikus.

We preface our Clog poetry by saying that they, sadly, will not be erotic nor relevant to Jack Donaghy, but we hope you find them entertaining nonetheless.
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The first thing you learn as a freshman is that the 51 bus will get you pretty much anywhere around Berkeley. The next thing you learn is that 1) it’s never on time and 2) you will see at least three (one right after the other) traveling in the opposite direction.

And so these revelations inspired a few normal students–just like you and us–to write haikus about nature. Well, the nature of buses, that is.

The original poster wrote:

bq. I always see you
As I pass by the bus stop
…Unless I need you

One person commented:

bq. the 51s go
one right after the other
both too full to board

Another suggested:

bq. twenty minutes pass
hours still with none in sight
rejoice! here comes three

Then Bears Necessity got in on the act, albeit a little bit off topic:

bq. Write about the bus
To get away from desk job
My internship sucks

Those were all very lovely, but how about one more, courtesy of the Clog?

I’m holding the bar,
Armpit odor in the air.
Babe, that smell’s all me.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Haiku in Ode to AC Transit [UCB LiveJournal Community]
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