It’s hard out there for a … punk?

In a way we were just a tad disappointed upon arriving at college to find that the stereotype of Berkeley as a breeding ground for wild and wonderful eye candy was just that – a stereotype. In today’s seas of earnestly-inspired (but decidedly inoffensive) combat boots around campus, it’s next to impossible to spot a pair of New Rocks in Berkeley. How things have changed since 2004…

UC Berkeley Gets A - Er, Makeover

UC Berkeley style gets a - er, makeover. (Click to expand!)

In fact, when we were in grade school, Hot Topic was actually cool.

No, really.

It once was a place where your cool, mohawked older siblings went to buy Manic Panic and bondage corsets, read more »

2996476538_0833aed36bAs you may remember, Halloween in the Castro was put to rest last year, but don’t worry, it has returned … as an opera: “Merging local politics with murder and mayhem, the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco [present the] horror opera ‘Halloween in the Castro,’ a biting, in-your-face social commentary about what has gone wrong with Castro Halloween.” [SF Gate]

If you think this whole Halloween business is just another excuse for college kids to look slutty and get wasted, then head out to the Lawrence Hall of Science for “An Out-of-This-World Halloween Party.” Take a ride in a spinning chair, or “make concoctions in the Martian’s Kitchen.” Or you know, you could always just drink. [Lawrence Hall of Science] read more »