Popcorn+Halloween=Candy Corn!

Popcorn+Halloween=Candy Corn!

We are in the midst of Halloween weekend and what’s a better way to spend that time than by relaxing with your friends and having a horror movie marathon?

Ah, horror movies. It is a genre of wonderful potential that at its best will leave you speechless and eternally traumatized when the credits start rolling. If you’re tired of obvious choices such as the “Saw” or “Paranormal Activity” movies and are looking for recommendations to spice up your movie list, you’re in luck. We at the Clog, with our impeccable taste, have compiled a  list of well-received horror movies that will appeal to various horror moods. Without further ado, here are our Halloween movie recommendations: read more »

halloweenHalloween came a little early for the local elementary school kids. For the UC Berkeley residence halls … have no fear, for candy is here! Volunteers in every complex, in every building and on almost every floor were given a bag of candy for potential trick-or-treaters that might knock on their doors. Kids were given the opportunity to explore the Berkeley dorms as well as satisfy their sweet tooth.

“We didn’t decorate, but some people still gave out candy,” said freshman and  MCB major Arvin Javadi.

But was Halloween always about candy? We miss the good ol’ days read more »

25068037_d7ec51c04eWe’d like to take the chance to make this public service announcement you may not have been aware of: It’s almost Halloween. That’s right, time to enjoy the winding down of midterms (just kidding, they never end), get your crazy out of the closet and wear it proud. Whether that’s slutty ______ (bat? barista? box?), your inner Potter nerd, an obscure reference or simply a clever nametag, this is a time for you to let it all out.

For freshman, who may not know what to expect from a college Halloween, or upperclassmen who have always been a little confused about what to do, we’re here to help. Here are a few reminders and suggestions from the Halloween veterans at the Clog: read more »

Sexiest costume ever.

Apparently the best costume ever.

Halloween weekend is finally here and we are sure that most of you are either putting finishing touches on your elaborate costumes or, laughing at such a waste of energy, throwing on a Santa hat and calling it a day (can you guess where we lie on the spectrum?). As we all know, thinking up of costume designs can be an overwhelming task — limited only by your imagination and amount of disposable income.

That said, while some go off the beaten path and inspire with their truly unique costumes, many  fall into the trap of thinking of an “original” design and then realizing that pretty much everyone else had the same costume idea as they did (naughty angel, how original). So what are some popular costume ideas that will possibly be littering parties this weekend?  Yesterday, Google released a list of most-searched Halloween costumes for 2011. The list is as follows:  read more »

ButterbeerHarry Potter-inspired alcoholic beverages — the greatest invention we’ve heard of all semester.

According to Cady Heron, Halloween is the one night in the year where a girl can dress up like a slut and no on can say anything about it. According to the Clog, Halloween is the one night in the year — especially since the movies are done with — where we’re allowed to wear our Hogwarts garb without people glaring at us strangely (hey, just cuz we’re in Slytherin doesn’t mean you have to hate). And according to colleges in America, Halloween is just another excuse to get absolutely wasted.

But are you tired of the Butterbeer and pumpkin juice staples of your high school days? If so, we here at the Clog are nerding out over this fantastic discovery: Harry Potter drinks. True, it’ll cost you a few more Galleons than you may have, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Here are a few standouts that all of-age Muggles should try: read more »

old book

In keeping up with our fondness for all things Halloween and all things literary, it’s unsurprising that we get pretty darn excited when these seemingly unrelated categories overlap.

When we heard about a special Story Hour event, entitled “Bay Area Mystery Writers panel,” happening on Friday, Oct. 14, we were thrilled. And, quite frankly, we know that the two-hour event will be more than just double the fun!

Starting at 4 p.m. in 190 Doe Library, a panel-led discussion will focus on the Bay Area and read more »

pumpkinIf you couldn’t tell already, we at the Clog are pretty stoked that October is here and that Halloween is finally on it’s way.

We’re looking for just about any excuse to fully immerse ourselves in the spirit of the season, and have come to the realization that there are probably a whole bunch of readers out there who share our penchant for all things ghoulish and spooky. Also for arts-and-crafts-style activities.

We want to see your jack-o-lanterns, your haunted houses, your giant spider web lawn decorations. read more »

shakespeare and CoTo usher in the month of October, Shakespeare and Co. Booksellers is getting a head start on Halloween madness with a spooky selection in their window display.

We noticed the books while leaving Peet’s (just across the street) — coffee in hand, we took a few minutes to peruse a few covers and the words of wisdom that the folks at Shakespeare and Co. tacked on.

“One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes” was declared “not safe for wimps,” and we were advised that if we insisted on reading “A Touch of Dead,” not to do so “before bed.” A Scooby-Doo tale was prefaced simply: “Rikes!” read more »


It’s Halloween, you are partying with some friends, everyone is drinking. When it comes time to go home, you’re already tired, it’s cold, late, and most likely raining so your friend who has been drinking offers you a ride back home.  That’s a no go. Luckily, we found another (sober) fast and warm way for you to get home this Halloween.

Berg Injury lawyers is hosting the 6th annual “Safe and Sober Free Cab Ride Home” program this Sunday. You can call from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. to get a free ride. The cab companies are in Albany, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. From Albany, Oakland and Berkeley call Veterans Cab at 800-281-4488 and from San Francisco call Luxor Cab at 415-2828-4141. For both cases, tell the cab company that the ride is on Berg Injury Lawyers.

If you want to call, there are some restrictions: cabs must pick you up from a bar or restaurant and drop you off back home. Also, they will give rides from East Bay to SF but not SF to East Bay — not sure why. So if you’re read more »

The San Francisco skyline has been glowing a lurid orange of late, and we thought, “Wow! The whole city is prepping for Halloween!” But no, Coit Tower and City Hall and random insignificant condominium buildings were not orange for Halloween. Fail.

critical mass

Cyclists dress up for the the Halloween Critical Mass.


Learn how to swing dance and watch/ join in when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” comes on at Lindy at Fright on Upper Sproul tonight, attend a Dia de los Muertos ceremony in the Student Union’s Multicultural Center or experience the audio-visual feast that is BAM’s [email protected] series at their All Hallow’s Eve PartyHauntology. There’s also the usual assortment of frat parties all weekend, Halloween-themed for the occasion, such as Sigma Phi’s Dawn of the Drunk.

In case you missed the Zombie walk earlier in the week but still want to get your gore on and walk stiff-legged with the deadest of them, you’ve got your chance tonight! A zombie walk will wind its brief way through the Mission to end at a “Zom Prom.” Also, cyclists always dress up for the Critical Mass right before Halloween, rain or shine, which means attendees not only enjoy seeing a lovely display of creativity but also impressive balance and physical prowess (it can’t possibly be easy to cycle when you’re a banana or a lobster or a flower or naked).  You can also learn about the haunted history of the SF City Hall at a Ghost Walk brought to you by the folks at City Guides.

read more »

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