If Black Friday is anything like the “Halo 3″ release in September, we imagine the caffeinated cheapskates among you will have been clamoring for coupons and free pumpkin pie since last night or at least pre-dawn hours this morning.Still, for those of you about to buy an Internet gadget or if you already own one that you’re fiddling with as you tap your feet to the cashier who price-checks every item that the old lady seven people ahead keeps second-guessing, we are here to entertain. Or, rather, Facebook is.To get you back in the mood for the fall semester’s home stretch, here are some groups we found (between pumpkin pie servings and non-alcoholic hot cocoa) with which you may or may not identify:* The CAL A+ Club, an elusive and exclusive group with unsurprisingly few members.* I Have Failed a Class at the University of California. Surprisingly few members here, but perhaps that has more to do with what people are willing to admit.* I acknowledge the 100 fold difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents. So do we, even if Verizon doesn’t.That said, we’ve got some leftovers to eat and papers to write. And, you know, overprivileged Californians to buy a diet soda for.“Lightening Up” is a Clog special devoted to link-stacking finding Facebook groups of interest. And by interest, we mean anything that seems amusing to us at the time. Since there are millions upon millions of Facebook groups which surely must amuse someone, this special will NEVER DIE.If the thought of school-related Facebook groups is too much to bear, feel free to go back to shopping or supporting Stephen Colbert or celebrity-bashing. It’s not like you’d be caught dead seeking obscurity.

Those of you who might actually be interested in reading about “Halo 3″ are probably too busy playing it, but the Clog (and the Chronicle, apparently) found it worthy of expertise coverage following its long-anticipated arrival Monday night.Joystiq, a gamer’s favorite blog, noted the “Halo 3″ launch in New York City (despite other events happening in the area), complete with a live Master Chief and plenty of Game Fuel.

The crowd at EB Games on Telegraph Avenue wasn’t quite as, uh, dorky (perhaps more accurately described as sugar-addled and couch-deprived), but approaching the game’s midnight release, crowds made it as far back as the end of the block.

Several attendees had fascinating things to say. “Andrew” proved the most entertaining.

There are just a bunch of virgins in this line, except the ones who brought girlfriends. The marketers should have seen this coming and hired some beautiful women to stand in line. It would improve their image.

Thank you to a drunk mass communications major.

And the more practical advice of the evening (for the 21-year-olds) came from this Clogger’s roommate, who calls this Game Fuel-inspired and refreshing cocktail “The Needler”:
* 1 oz Campari
* 1 oz vodka
* 2 oz “Halo 3″ Soda over ice

The worst prank of the night was some annoying SUV driver circling the block and shouting incomprehensibly at the line.

It’s too bad Berkeley wasn’t quite as d-o-r-k-y as the Halo-heads at MIT.

And now for some interesting tidbits from the biggest entertainment retail release sales record (that’s right, bigger than movies) in history:
* If you can tear your hands away from the controller, here’s some free “Halo” crap.
* Looking to make a life-sized Master Chief of your very own? Try the immaculate paper doll, because plastic blow-up dolls are so juvenile.
* Thought video games were just for 15-year-old stoners? Even The New York Times cares. It highlighted what most of the non-gamers (or the Xbox 360-less) were wondering in our sparsely populated classes: “We expect that, like, no one’s going to go to class … and the teachers are going to know.”

Well put, Spartan. We’re sure your teachers are waiting on tenterhooks for detailed reports about the riveting meta-narrative.

In the meantime, we’re going to go kill us some Brutes.

Image Source: Krista Lane
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