Ah, yes … an alternative to lead-ridden toys for the tots this holiday season. ‘Tis the season of giving, indeed. Lisa Smeenk of the Berkeley Geochronology Center sells personally handmade felt dolls. She even dyes the wool herself.

This art form involves felting (sort of like melting, but only in spelling) and spinning wool. Her first dolls are described as “unearthly creatures.” We’re sold! Prices range from $20 to $200. That’s pretty cheap considering that you’re not just buying a small pile of felt–rather, a tiny, woolen human non-being.

See here for more information about the dolls and for Smeenk’s contact information.

Image Source: Hasenpfeffer Incorporated under Creative Commons
Felt dolls help shopper avoid the toxic-toy pit this Christmas [Contra Costa Times]

WTF is an accumulation of all the weird things going on … outside of Berkeley. You see, we’re not so weird after all.

OK, so the Daily Cal’s a little rusty with United States geography, but at least the Clog knows that France is indeed a country and that Europe, surprisingly, is not.

Too bad we can’t say the same for the other crazies and dunces. We may have exactly that (crazies and dunces) at our protests, but we sincerely hope we can avoid the hot mess in our classes at least.

Oh God. Heidi Klum manages to make us embarrassed for her. We all saw Tyra and the Vaseline. We think our point goes without saying.

Then there’s this next picture:

Blogger NancyKay Shapiro snapped this beauty in a local grocery store in NYC. Unfortunately, she was the only smart one around (or at least the only one with somewhat functioning mental capabilities). We’re surprised it’s not wrapped with bacon and shoved into an oyster shell.

But surely the Hanukkah spirit hasn’t been ruined yet, Gentiles be damned! The Clog would like to extend a “happy Hanukkah!” to you all. May your menorah stay bright … and your heads brighter.

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