4223578046_ba89d7edff_zWho is the happiest man in the world? No not Pablo Sandoval! Matthieu Ricard. He is one part molecular geneticist, one part Buddhist monk, and a million parts pure unadulterated happiness. According to this New York Daily News article, Ricard has the happiest brain ever mapped on a machine. His gamma waves, brain waves linked to awareness and happiness, are off the charts. His not-so-secret secret? Meditation. read more »

UC Berkeley psychologists Dacher Keltner, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Robb Willer and sociologist Christine Carter are looking into research that may change our perception of “survival of the fittest” into “survival of the kindest and happiest.”

In our society, kindness is not exactly looked to as the key to success. Toughness and competitiveness are more likely to be deemed qualities that lead to success. However, happiness is not emphasized in our culture, and society may be lacking because of it. Christine Carter comments that happiness is “not something the most intelligent among us need or even want.” read more »