Let’s face it: students are fans of things. And many of these things are British things. It’s one thing to be a casual fan of something, watching it every once in a while and not much else, and another to be so consumed that you see things in your everyday life as references to the show (maybe that’s just us), or even better, make your own. When it comes to expression of fandom, anything goes! Here is an assortment of British film/TV references/resemblences around the Berkeley campus. We’re not going to lie, they’re mostly from Harry Potter.

Rumor has it, you can hear Moaning Myrtle through these stalls.

Rumor has it, you can hear Moaning Myrtle through these stalls. (Wheeler Hall)

The Whomping Willows, conveniently located adjacent to a swamp (field by VLSB)

Let's face it, Bowles Hall is Hogwarts

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The Clog is an avid fan of Cal Quidditch, and any Quidditch in general (although we’d much prefer to see the Muggle version in the air). Apparently, as the Olympic torch passed through Oxford, England the other day, the first major international Quidditch tournament was staged to the jubilant cheers of Harry Potter fans across the world.

Athletes at the international exhibition, which included teams from the USA, Canada, France, Britain and Australia, said they thought the sport deserved a spot in the Games. But one of the sepctators, Emma Bound, said “I don’t think it’s for the Olympics. It’s probably better when the broomsticks actually fly.” We completely agree. And we’re pretty sure the majority of the world shares our same sentiment.

Get crackin’, physicists. Who cares about Higgs-Boson when you have Quidditch at stake?

Image source: Harry Potter Wiki, Courtesy

Take the Hogwarts Express to fun!

Take the Hogwarts Express to fun!

Calling all students of wizardry, all experts on potions, charms, herbology and other magical subjects! We know that you (like us) have been waiting for the chance to use that stunning spell and that copy of “Hogwarts a History” that was compiled from Hermione quotes throughout the entire “Harry Potter” series. Now is the chance to show off your smarts.

That’s right, it’s time for SUPERB’s Harry Potter Trivia Night read more »

10489310_2d9ab9f952_zWe swear we saw the posters in the Free Speech Café come alive and even think we might have spotted Hagrid around People’s Park. It could be that Hogwarts is just on our mind because the largest quidditch tournament ever held on this side of the country is going to take place this month! On March 12 at 9 a.m., gravity may very well give in for the huge number of participants straddling broomsticks.

The Western Cup III Quiditch Tournament will be held on UCLA’s campus. For two days, 19 teams will compete for a chance to catch the golden snitch. Many local teams will be playing such as San Jose State University, Stanford  and of course our very own Quidditch League at Berkeley, who placed fourteenth out of around 100 teams in the Quidditch World Cup last November (accomplishing this great feat using only minimal magic). read more »

You may not have noticed, but the Clog loves Harry Potterjust a little bit. But we’re not the only ones. After all just watch Quidditch practice, listen in on a campus tour (every guide makes at least one Harry Potter reference) or take a Harry Potter DeCal.

So it’s no surprise that we’re just a short trip away from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: hogwarts880

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ButterbeerHarry Potter-inspired alcoholic beverages — the greatest invention we’ve heard of all semester.

According to Cady Heron, Halloween is the one night in the year where a girl can dress up like a slut and no on can say anything about it. According to the Clog, Halloween is the one night in the year — especially since the movies are done with — where we’re allowed to wear our Hogwarts garb without people glaring at us strangely (hey, just cuz we’re in Slytherin doesn’t mean you have to hate). And according to colleges in America, Halloween is just another excuse to get absolutely wasted.

But are you tired of the Butterbeer and pumpkin juice staples of your high school days? If so, we here at the Clog are nerding out over this fantastic discovery: Harry Potter drinks. True, it’ll cost you a few more Galleons than you may have, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Here are a few standouts that all of-age Muggles should try: read more »

Alex 2

Photo: Ren

On the fateful Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 …
The sky was a vivid blue layered over with perfect clouds …
Many came to watch …
Screams filled the air …
Knuckles were bitten with anxiety, with excitement …
Bets, faiths and even newborn babies — okay, not babies — were recklessly cast …
Frothy butterbeers were downed by thirsty bystanders …
Blue, cardinal and gold came together …
In the epic Cal vs. USC Quidditch Scrimmage!


Photo: Choi

How did this game progress? In what way, shape or form did the Quidditch gurus read more »

5685080557_d1c4e0d002Harry Potter minions! The Chosen Ones! HOLLA!

Listen very closely to what the Clog is going to inform you special bunch about. Now, there are already tons of great events coming up this weekend, what with the Berkeley Project, Homecoming and oh, we don’t know, something about Occupy Berkeley, probably trivial … (Just kidding, the Clog know what’s up.)

Now we’re here to add something else to the list: A collegiate Quidditch match on our own campus.

Grinning yet?

You know, the epic game where witches and wizards fly on broomsticks and whiz around in the air, basically playing – to put it in lame, inadequate Muggle terms – supernatural basketball. Since we faithful followers of Harry Potter must be discreet about the magical blood running through our veins, read more »

hallowsIt’s not like we’re grasping at straws due to the recent end of the Harry Potter film series or anything, but we’re pretty sure that Harry and his magical universe exist. Xiang Zhang of UC Berkeley and his colleagues have, over years of research, developed an “invisibility cloak,” which is a material that changes the path of electromagnetic objects around a wave so as to render it imperceptible.

Granted, the cloak only hid an object around the diameter of a red blood cell, but it is still a significant development in this type of material. Most cloaking materials (kind of like the inferior invisibility cloaks that were not as exceptional as Harry’s) hide objects from vision by using infrared waves or microwaves, which are just out human sight range.

This material hides objects under layers of silicon nitride and silicon oxide and then refracts light away from the lump that the object makes, so that the cloak ends up looking smooth. We don’t care what you say, Muggle — magic is totally real.

Image Source: rishibando under Creative Commons
Weekly Press Package [American Chemical Society]

Yea, we can’t either.

A study by UC Berkeley professor Robert Levenson and his grad student James Gross has scientifically determined the saddest movie (or movie scene) of all time. To our astonishment — even though millions recently walked out of theatres bawling their eyes out — it wasn’t “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” (we’ll let it slide only because this study was completed in 1995).

After evaluating hundreds of films and film clips, Levenson and Gross chose 16 scenes that would cause a certain emotion and found that the final scene in the 1978 film “The Champ” consistently made their test subjects sad. read more »

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