Now U C Me, Now You Don't (1)

As we’ve progressed into the so-called digital age, we as a University should exhibit the dynamism that makes us such an excellent institution. Yeah we didn’t believe that crap either – but that’s the reason that Dianne Klein, of the UC’s office of the President, gave for the recent “modernization” of the logo of the University of California.

In an unprecedented apparent disregard for the 144 year old seal that has become famous among academic circles – the open book that is truly representative of Cal students during dead week – the University of California has decided to go with a sleeker, cleaner, and more minimalistic design for all publicity purposes. If you were a fan of the older Victorian type scroll and circle, that’ll still be available for viewing pleasure on all official documents and letters. It appears that this stunt is just a marketing campaign that is supposed to make the UC campuses more attractive to the average Californian, as if the almost 400,000 collective applications received during last year’s college rush weren’t enough.

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nedsSunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Those “I got used at Ned’s” stickers that they attach to your textbooks have always worked in more ways than one. But with their new rental program, you’ll still get screwed, but it’s kinda like a phone call saying “I had fun last night” the next day. [Daily Cal]

Reason the recession sucks number 392: UC endowments have dropped 20 percent in the last fiscal year. But if it makes you feel any better, Harvard’s lost over $10 billion in endowments last year, and they no longer serve breakfast in their dining commons. [Daily Cal]

Muni’s a little late hopping on the Twitter bus but since when has it ever been on time anyway? And they’re now “offering a free fast pass to anyone who can guess how much money the agency has lost in the last 3 years.” Uh, fun? [SF Appeal]

This is the last piece of Dave Eggers news, we swear. Eggers has just revealed the identity of the McSweeney of his journal, Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern. The man was real, in fact he was a mentally ill member of Eggers’ family who recently passed away. [SFist]

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Oh, and we won ze football game.

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People from all over the state descended on our lovely campus like swallows to attend a conference about statewide action for public education. Sounds like freakin’ Disneyland, right? [Daily Cal]

Target is coming to the Metreon, a.k.a. about a second away from the Powell Street BART station. In San Francisco. Which may still be more accessible for non-car wielding students than any Target in the East Bay. [NBC Bay Area]

Dave Weinstein, author of “It Came from Berkeley” tells a pretty epic tale of Berkeley’s birth and growth. And stuff. Also, old-timey visuals. Cool beans. [East Bay Express]

Well, this, friends, is why you ingest your caffeine before you get to work. [The Ticker]

Image Source: Emma Lantos, Daily Cal [ASIB]
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shorts11-235x300Calling all Bay Area hipsters music lovers: the time for Treasure Island Music Festival has almost arrived. Make sure to check out the “Ferris Wheel Confessions” booth, the live mural wall or the Madu Salon booth for a complimentary hair cut. [Site]

Still figuring out your Halloween plans? Instead of partying at the co-ops or trying to weasel some shame-tainted candy out of your neighbors by reliving your youth, change it up with a Halloween-themed concert. [The SFist]

With the university endowment down 30 percent, cookies are no longer being served at Harvard faculty meetings and students are now being denied a hot breakfast. Well, they may have raised our tuition, but at least they haven’t taken away our breakfast. [The New York Times]

A recent health inspection at Smart Alec’s found a few rat droppings near the cash registers, but don’t worry, they still have an ‘A.’ No biggie. [Daily Cal]

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