black pearl look alikeHalloween weekend: a time for costumes, debauchery, and … art? You betcha! The Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) is hosting an evening event that highlights the eerily appropriate collection that they’ve got going on — “Hauntology.”

Pretty fitting, eh?

The exhibit offers pieces from a myriad of different artistic styles and periods, all of which should send a few chills up your spine. If you’re confused as to what you might be looking at, think ghostly ships, old architecture, and, uh, every possible shade of gray.

We know Halloween can be a hectic time for the college student, so we’re giving you the event info a couple of days in advance—ya know, so you can all plan your schedules accordingly. Hauntology: Hallow’s Eve Party is this Friday, Oct 29 from 7:30 p.m. until 10:00 (there’s a student only “after party” from 9-10). We recommend that you come in full costume—preferably one that works with the theme, so probably something old and gray (go ahead and make up your own “your mom” joke, here).

Happy haunting!

Image Source: Xavier Fargas under Creative Commons
Hauntology: Hallow’s Eve Party [Facebook]