If you were not one of the lucky few to nab free tickets to the Clinton extravaganza this afternoon, have no fear: the Clog is here to paint you a metaphorical picture of the event. (And yes ladies and gents, he is that charismatic.)

First there were several introductions, (including introductions of the next introducer) and then the 42nd president took the stage. He seemed slightly red in the face but otherwise in the bloom of health as he spoke with an intriguing read more »


The healthcare debate (or clusterf*ck, if we’re going for accuracy) is still raging. We thought it was over, but Scott Brown’s election just reheated this problem like a microwave burrito. It’s even more confusing and contentious than ever. Luckily, UCB Ph.D. student (and Berkeley lecturer) Robin Flagg, MPH, spoke Tuesday night about healthcare, and now we’ve got the 411.

Flagg (who has taught Public Health 150D at Berkeley) described herself as “living healthcare policy.” Indeed, she’s been in the field for decades in various capacities, including field hospitals and health departments. So you know she’s got the cred. Here are some of the read more »

Short and poignant. Professor Reich, you do have a knack for taking economic issues that have been politicized into oblivion and explaining them, real straight and easy, by yanking out pesky things like “details.” The ex-Secretary of Labor, current Goldman School of Public Policy professor’s latest feat: deliver the low-down on Obama’s controversial healthcare public option in 2 minutes flat. For those of you don’t have the time or stomach to keep up with the healthcare debate, the Clog recommends the Reichnotes version.

For further reading, check out his blog.

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