Looking to chow down on some healthy heavenly eats? Then you should check out Healthy Heavenly Foods! See what we did there? Of course you did.

Anyway, Healthy Heavenly Foods (HHF) had quite a history with the ASUC but “the vendor left the food court after it rejected the terms of a new lease offered by the ASUC Store Operations Board.” Fret not, for now HHF is now located right in front of the entrance of Sproul Plaza, if you’re craving for a quick Vietnamese lunch.

The little truck features a variety of dishes such as read more »

You messed with the wrong food court, PANDA! Oh, wait, there’s more than one? No, we’re talking about the Bear’s Lair vendors’ strike. What were you talking about? Hm. Anyway, have you heard about the strike in the Bear’s Lair Food Court?

Yeah, apparently the owners of Taqueria El Tacontento and Healthy Heavenly Foods aren’t too pleased with their increased rent. Kinda sucks that the damn Store Operations Board basically doubled their rent to make way for evil corporations, like (but not necessarily) Panda Express. read more »


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Staring down the angular, neon-lit Bear’s Lair Food Court, it is easy to be blinded by the sense of timelessness and unshakable prosperity gleaming from the vendors’ counter tops. In fact, the beloved Taqueria El Tacontento, The Coffee Spot and Healthy Heavenly Foods have been scraping by on month-to-month lease extensions for some three years now. Their fate lies precariously in the hands of the ASUC this week, as negotiations over more long-term lease extensions advance

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Oh, BTW, we can totally make solar panels cheaper … in five to 20 years. [Daily Cal]

* Stop bugging your GSIs. Chances are, they’re depressed. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

* They’re probably depressed they’re not as wanted as our Boalt professors. Sad face. [Contra Costa Times]

* Say goodbye to Healthy Heavenly Foods in the Bear’s Lair? But what of our cheap sandwiches and banana eggrolls?! [UCB LJ]

Image Source: Shannon Hamilton, Daily Cal
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