Ah, ASUC elections … how we will be so happy miss thee when the week ends! We know everyone is always pushing for democracy and fair elections and informed voters – but we say, why vote on the issues when you can vote high school yearbook style? So here are the Clog’s ASUC superlatives. It’s not about who we think we should win, it’s about who has the best singing voice! You mean ASUC elections don’t work like the show the Voice?

connor landgrafBiggest flirt: Connor Landgraf (candidate for President with Student Action)

We all know that frat guy stereotype, and apparently the girls are swooning (although some disagree on that regard). Every politician flirts with the masses, but we’d say Mr. Landgraf seems like the type to be a heartbreaker. I mean, he didn’t invite US to the date party. Our only advice is, tuck in that shirt boy, and keep it classy.

elliot goldsteinBest hair: Elliot Goldstein (candidate for President/Chancellor with the Cooperative Movement Party) with honorable mention to Honest Chung (candidate for President with Students for a Democratic University [SDU])

Best hair was a difficult choice, but when it comes down to it, Elliot Goldstein has got it going on – in the hair department, excuse us. Look at that facial hair! It is an art. But we have to mention those sexy green highlights that Mr. Chung reps. We’ll be the democratic university to that student. *wink* read more »

Consider the above infallible proof of Frederick Wiseman’s genius.

Even if you don’t condescend to call yourself any kind of film aficionado, you must have at least heard of the man. He’s only produced and directed 40-some-odd documentaries in about as many years (including the aforementioned “High School,” our personal fave), setting the bar in terms of ethical representation and creative style for innumerable filmmakers to follow.

What you may not know is that the most current subject to come under Wiseman’s professional scrutiny is none other than read more »

The word “counselor” may seem foreign to you now that you’re a UC Berkeley student, but remember back in high school when they seemed to be the only thing preventing you from suffocating under a pile of college applications and brochures?

Today’s high schoolers may not have that opportunity. The formerly mandated counseling program for public schools has (surprise, surprise) been cut, so students are turning to CollegeWeekLive.com to fill the void. read more »