OB-PU801_iranhi_G_20110925173031Today, more than two years after their detainment and one year after their companion, Sarah Shourd, was released, Berkeley grads Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer boarded a plane with their families and arrived in New York City.

The three were accused of espionage and both Fattal and Bauer were sentenced to eight years by the Iranian government, but there has been no evidence released and it has been maintained that the hikers unintentionally crossed the border from Kurdistan into Iran.

Last Wednesday they were released from Teheran’s Evin Prison to Oman, who paid for their bail.

After a long and arduous struggle, they are home at last.

Hikers Return to U.S. After Release from Iran [New York Times]
Image Source: Wall Street Journal

iran-hikersAfter more than two years, Cal grads Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer may finally be able to return home after an Iranian court set their bail for $500,000 each, the same amount set for Sarah Shourd, fellow Cal grad, hiker and Bauer’s fiance, who was released in September of last year.

Last month, they were each sentenced to eight years in prison, five for espionage and three for illegal entry into Iran. The most recent decision is the result of their appeal.

What does this all mean? Well, it’s almost time to pop those champagne bottles, folks, almost.

Image source: Iranian Press TV
Lawyer: Iran sets bail for 2 jailed Americans [SFGate]