Off beat, but impressive nonetheless. Yesterday afternoon Hippies and Hip Hoppers alike flocked to People’s Park for Students for Hip Hop at Cal’s annual Hip Hop festival, Hip Hop in the Park. This year’s show featured headliners Mystic and Clyde Carson, along with multi-cultural break dancing showdowns (for reals, yo–check out the pictures), a DJ, graffiti art and lots of … er–herbal refreshment in the air. read more »


Last Wednesday at 4:20 p.m. (apparently, irony was intentional) The Bayliens “landed,” and turned Dwinelle Hall’s largest auditorium into a makeshift hip-hop concert venue. The beat bumped as a crowd of students trying to knock out their American Cultures breadth requirement shimmied awkwardly in their places at the behest of rather foxy Social/Cultural Anthropology professor, Laura Hubbard. Other students remained seated, unconvincingly pretending that they were simply too “indie” to admit that it was hella better (and fresher, for that matter) than any normal lecture. read more »