3910336227_4d519fa49bWhen we heard that Berkeley scientists were doing something for Burning Man — you know, that eight-day hippie debauchery festival that stews beneath the hot Nevada sun — we were shocked and, honestly, a little disappointed. Weren’t there other, more productive things for them to be doing, like working at Lawrence Berkeley Lab on an awesomely fast network for research scientists or continuing efforts toward creating sound zombies?

To be fair, we might be a little bitter because we’re not going (eight days off and $300 can be hard to come by) or maybe we were just a little taken aback since the science lab and Burning Man are not necessarily a match made in heaven. Either way, someone had some ‘splaining to do.

Well, it turns out the project, although it isn’t the most noble of undertakings, is read more »

drum circle

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

On the upside (Popsci says it best): “Wiimote-Controlled Robot Drum Circle Makes Human Hippies Obsolete.” Well, glad to know yet another final stake has been nailed into that coffin. Also, the technology is pretty astounding. Hats off to you, Berkeley composer Patrick Flanagan.

On the downside: Once the awe and technical appreciation have boiled off, we’re left with a drum circle no less obnoxious than any regular drum circle. Great.

For an explanation of the contraption, check out the videos.

Image Source: trpnblies7 under Creative Commons.
Wiimote-Controlled Robot Drum Circle Makes Human Hippies Obsolete [Popsci]
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hippieWhile perusing Berkeley LiveJournal, we came across this question from a user who calls him/herself “hippie_patrol”:

Why are we so passively tolerant of our fellow citizen’s shenanigans?

Picture some undergrad who has long hair and hasn’t shaved in weeks, playing badly on his guitar “Stairway to Heaven* somewhere on campus, creating nothing but grating noise because every note it out of tune, and distracting everyone who’s just trying to get to class and pass their midterms.

Why do we tolerate such behavior? It’s clearly detrimental to public health, and disrupts the general harmony of society. Maybe we believe too much in individual freedom. Maybe it’s time to reign back in some of these freedoms. read more »

Talk is cheap. "Altercation between Berkeley tree-sitters and tree trimmers on August 21, 2008"

It has been an emotional weekend for many at the foot of Oak Grove. Arborists have removed 35 of 42 trees as of Saturday, and are expected to cut down all but one redwood by today’s end.

Our redwood denizens no longer will receive adequate water and nutrition which the university has provided for 21 months. As of Friday, four tree-sitters remained with only one liter of water “to share”. We wonder if the heat will cause the tree-sitters to worry about their redwood’s thirst. UCB claims to have no plans of forcibly removing the tree-dwellers. We think the university is waiting for them to ripen and fall.

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Off beat, but impressive nonetheless. Yesterday afternoon Hippies and Hip Hoppers alike flocked to People’s Park for Students for Hip Hop at Cal’s annual Hip Hop festival, Hip Hop in the Park. This year’s show featured headliners Mystic and Clyde Carson, along with multi-cultural break dancing showdowns (for reals, yo–check out the pictures), a DJ, graffiti art and lots of … er–herbal refreshment in the air. read more »